Security guards at the limit – Corona clusters in prison are causing chaos

– There is currently a state of emergency in Klagenfurt Prison – 48 prisoners are currently corona-positive! – Even a walk was canceled – security officers already at their limit

Visits are no longer permitted, the kitchen service only works in emergency mode, negotiations have to be postponed – and for the first time ever, the one-hour walk in the inner courtyard – probably their greatest asset – was canceled for the total of 230 prisoners in the Klagenfurt prison. The reason: A corona cluster has been causing chaos for two weeks! “It’s an extraordinary, precarious situation, very difficult for all of us. Because so far we have been able to leave the virus outside – but now it has happened “, confirms Lieutenant Colonel Harald Streicher of the” Krone “. 48 infected prisonersA total of 48 prisoners are currently infected with Covid-19. “Almost all of them have a mild course or are even symptom-free, around 20 percent of the positives are vaccinated,” explains Streicher. The inmates were thereby separated. “We have isolated the positives, the contact persons and the negatives from each other,” said Streicher. High vaccination rate among prison guardsThe staff were also not spared from the virus. “Some of us have become infected, are or have been in quarantine. The very high vaccination rate doesn’t help either. So the personnel situation is not easy, since we also have many other sick leave ”, adds Streicher. The uncertainty among the prison guards is also increasing Pressure ”, sighs a supervisor. Anyway; a small light is in sight at the end of the tunnel. Today, Wednesday, the detainees will be tested again. “Of course we hope that some of them will be negative again,” emphasizes Streicher.
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