Selena Gomez: New single "De Una Vez" is in Spanish

Selena Gomez
New single "De Una Vez" is in Spanish

Selena Gomez wants to explore her Latin American roots

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Ten years after her last Spanish-language song, Selena Gomez surprises her fans with a new single in Spanish.

Pop star Selena Gomez (28) sings in Spanish again. More than ten years after her last Spanish-language song, the singer surprised her fans with the new single "De Una Vez" ("At once").

"I'm incredibly proud of my Latin American background. It gave me so much strength to sing in Spanish again and" De Una Vez "is such a beautiful hymn to love," Gomez is quoted in a press release from her label Universal Music. Gomez pointed to Twitter, who grew up in Texas as the daughter of a Mexican and an Italian-American, also suggests that there may be more songs in Spanish to follow: "This is the beginning of something I've wanted to explore for a long time. I hope you love it so much like I do. "

"De Una Vez" is the second song that Gomez has released in her second language, but the first independent single. In 2010 she sang a Spanish version of the title track of her second album, "A Year Without Rain" ("Un Año Sin Lluvia"). At the beginning of 2011, the 28-year-old announced an entire album in Spanish on Twitter. Referring to it Gomez now shared her old tweet and commented, "I think the wait was worth it".