Selena Gomez: Small cross tattoo now adorns her collarbone

Selena Gomez
Small cross tattoo now adorns her collarbone

Selena Gomez now has 15 tattoos all over her body.

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Selena Gomez added a new tattoo to her collection. A small cross now adorns the singer’s collarbone.

A new tattoo now adorns the body of Selena Gomez (28, “De Una Vez”). The pop star had his collarbone decorated with a tiny cross. Celebrity tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy (35) shared on his Instagram channel a short videoshowing the singer’s new body jewelry.

He writes: “We love Selena Gomez”. For the 28-year-old it is the 15th tattoo. Among other things, there is a lettering in Arabic script, which translates as “Love yourself”, as well as two praying hands with a rosary that are emblazoned on her thigh. All of her tattoos are from McCurdy.

It wasn’t until early March 2021 that Gomez had it all in one Interview with the fashion magazine “Vogue” talked about their beliefs. “I’m very, very spiritual,” said the singer. She believes in God but is not religious. She’s been a Christian for a while, but doesn’t talk about it much. “I want to talk about it, but it got a bad rap. I just want to make it clear that I love to be able to have my beliefs and believe in what I believe,” continued Gomez. After all, her faith brought her through “bad times”.