Series reboots: These glamorous series inspire us in spring

Series reboots
These glamorous series inspire us in spring

“The New Look” on Apple TV + tells the exciting and glamorous story of Parisian haut couture.


Awards season is traditionally also the time when we find our new series favorites for the new year. This spring, the streaming services’ motto is once again “block instead of spill” and we can look forward to three ultra-glamorous series reboots.

Cristobal Balenciaga

“He’s the only real tailor. The rest of us are just fashion illustrators,” said Coco Chanel about him. Christian Dior called him “the master of us all.” And yet: Cristobal Balenciaga and the myth of his fashion are far less well-known today than the fashion houses Chanel and Dior. Disney +’s new in-house production is about the story of the publicity-shy but brilliant fashion designer.

Born in Spain and raised in the war-ridden first half of the 20th century, it was the move to Paris that paved the way for Balenciaga’s global success. Between the invasion of German troops in France, a high society that gave him the cold shoulder, and personal doubts and demons, the quiet, very elegant man created a defining style. The series calmly and with great attention to detail explains why Balenciaga is rightly considered one of the greatest in its field. A must for fashion fans and style lovers!

“Cristobal Balenciaga” has been streaming on Disney + since January 19th.

Feud: Capote vs. The Swans

Intrigue, haute couture and probably the most famous girl gang in the world: in the second season of “Feud” Ryan Murphy brings one of the biggest social scandals of the 20th century to the screens. Truman Capote, the celebrated author and darling of New York’s high society, is on a first-name basis with the biggest names. He goes in and out of the million-dollar mansions and Park Avenue apartments of the very rich families. But what if an author uses the stories entrusted to him for his work? When he brings the darkest secrets and deepest traumas out into the world? When asked why he wrote about them, Truman Capote says: “Because they are beautiful and ruthless. That’s what a writer does.”

The betrayal of Truman Capote and the bitter revenge of the society ladies known as “Swans” around Babe Pailey, Lee Radziwill, CZ Guest and Slim Keith effortlessly fill the eight episodes of the second season of “Feud”. With a top-class cast – Tom Hollander, 56, Naomi Watts, 55, Demi Moore, 61, Calista Flockhart, 59, Chloë Sevigny, 49, Diane Lane, 59, and Jessica Lange, 74 – the production is also in terms of costume design and Styling is an absolute feast for the eyes.

“Feud: Capote vs. The Swans” runs on FX from January 31st (probably on Disney + in Germany).

The New Look

It was less than ten years ago that the Second World War devastated half of Europe. But in the 1950s, at a time of change and the burgeoning economic miracle, Christian Dior decided to give women back their femininity. He founded the “New Look” with extravagant, lavish designs, narrow waists, wide skirts and maximum femininity.

“Christian Dior ruined French couture. I’m coming back to save it,” is Coco Chanel’s grumpy verdict. Carmel Snow, America’s most important fashion critic, crowns the couturier the master of a new era. Featuring superstars such as Ben Mendelsohn, Maisie Williams, Juliette Binoche and John Malkovich, the series sheds light on the true events of an industry in transition and also shows which socio-political tensions shaped each couture house in its own way.

“The New Look” streams on Apple TV + from February 14th.


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