Sharon Stone: Miscarriages were “a devastating experience”

Sharon Stone
Miscarriages were a “devastating experience”

Sharon Stone published her biography “The Beauty of Living Twicce” at the end of March.

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In her biography, Sharon Stone recounts several miscarriages that she has suffered. She now gives new details in an interview.

In her new biography “The Beauty of Living Twice”, Sharon Stone (63, “Basic Instinct”) reports on numerous traumatic experiences in her life, including several miscarriages. In one Interview with the BBC radio show “Woman’s Hour” the actress has now spoken openly about the terrible experience of losing a child. “It’s a devastating experience,” Stone told the host.

During her marriage to US journalist Phil Bronstein (70), with whom she was married from 1998 to 2004, Stone lost several children, one of them after five and a half months of pregnancy. In addition to endometriosis, the reason for the miscarriage is also the so-called “rheumatoid factor”. “Because of that, my body couldn’t keep the embryos,” said Stone. What helped her a lot at the time was the feeling of “global sisterhood”, for example in the form of nurses: “When I lost my last baby, I went through 36 hours of labor without giving birth. The nurses even stayed on their day off with me. Without her I would have been alone. ”

Sharon Stone is grateful to Chrissy Teigen

Sharon Stone is grateful “that we have come to a point where women can speak openly about issues such as loss, heartbreak, rape and all things that are done to our bodies.” She is connected to women like Chrissy Teigen (35), that she was so open about the breastfeeding of her son and that she showed many women that they are not alone. “We no longer carry the shame that is not ours with us. We let it out.”