She becomes pregnant several times after her husband’s vasectomy

Having a large family was not really the wish of this British family. On contraceptives and after her husband’s vasectomy, Kate got pregnant by surprise 4 times.

Kate and Dan Harman are at the head of a large family of 5 children: Charlie (20 years old), Alfie (14 years old), Stanley (8 years old), Lottie (7 years old) and Buddy (2 years old). Although the British rejoice in their great tribe, in reality things were not planned so.
Indeed, at 39 years old, Kate fell pregnant on multiple occasions, while the couple had recourse to several means of contraception, of which one estimated as definitive.

It all started when Kate got pregnant with Charlie just over 20 years ago. A totally unexpected pregnancy since at that time the mother was taking the pill. According to Kate, the treatment and / or symptoms related to her irritable bowel syndrome, would be the reason for her contraception not working.

A few years later, after the birth of Alfie and Stanley, the couple decided not to have any more children, so the mom started to take the pill again for birth control. But it didn’t work.
“I got pregnant on Lottie’s pill six months after giving birth to Stanley”, she said.
So the parents made a new decision: vasectomy.

“The biggest shock of my life ..”

The father therefore had the operation a few months later. Once the procedure is finished Dan “Had to send a sample to check the number of sperm in his semen”. But the father of the family didn’t, saying “The doctor says it’s 99.9% effective, everything is fine”

So the couple moved on with their lives, but 4 years later, Kate had a late period. “I had never been late”, she said. The mother did not believe it and therefore took a pregnancy test, which turned out to be positive. “I had the biggest shock of my life watching the test. I was shocked and scared”, she revealed.

With her husband, Kate chose to have a second test, which was just as positive. To find out more clearly, Dan also performed a fertility test which revealed that the sperm count was completely normal.
“He was like, ‘I can’t believe I did this surgery and it didn’t work’, and we were laughing in the bathroom,” Kate confided. The surgeon then explained that the vasectomy must have worked for a while, and the effects probably wore off over time.

But while the family had chosen to keep the child, Kate unfortunately lost the baby.
“I miscarried. I was so excited to have another baby and Dan too, after we got over the shock,” she revealed.

The couple then decided to conceive a new child, which, despite the vasectomy, worked. After 9 months of a difficult pregnancy, little Buddy was born.

After this childbirth Kate and Dan, chose to turn to permanent contraception.
“I think we are probably the less fortunate couple with contraception, which is why I am going to get sterilized. I have inquired and not all methods are 100% effective, so Dan has already said if I fall. pregnant again despite sterilization is that it had to happen “, she concluded.

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