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Camille Santoro posted a very special story on August 11. She publicly and for the first time evokes a family drama that she had to overcome.

It was in tears and for a very special event that Camille Santoro chose to open up to her community. The former participant of the show Large families: XXL life, has been living in a media whirlwind since his first participation in the TV program three years ago. She was able to convert this television passage into a professional project. She makes a living from her activity as a “web influencer mom” and is about to launch her own brand of pajamas, which she named November 10.

An original brand name. But who in reality is a strong symbol for Camille Santoro. The mother of Large families chose it because it reminds him of the date of a drama. That of the loss of a loved one. She chose to tell this story in full transparency.

In an Instagram story posted on August 11, Camille Santoro, visibly very moved, took the time to recount this tragedy from which she never recovered. “I’m throwing myself into the water. I’ve already tried to do this story eighteen times but I can’t finish. I would have liked to push it back again and again because on this one I’m really not brave” she confided to her fans.

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November 10, a date to never forget for Camille Santoro

Despite the sadness and the wave of emotion, the mother of six children decided to continue her story at all costs. “I wanted to tell you a bit about this whole story, why I chose this date. Dates are something very important to me…”, continues the candidate of Large families.

“I’m going to get there… You know that I’m very discreet and modest about a lot of things even if you know a lot about them. This date that I have chosen is a date that belongs to me, that I cry every day. year, it’s something difficult, and this year I decided to make it beautiful by launching my brand. It’s my big brother’s birthday, who is unfortunately no longer with us” , explains Camille Santoro as she prepares to experience a founding stage in her professional career. “I deeply hope that where he is, he is proud of what I do, of what I undertake”, still shares Camille Santoro.

The entrepreneur mom concluded her story with a photo of her where she is in tears after coming back to this drama. She shares this simple message: “I did it thank you”.

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