She loses her necklace containing her baby's ashes and asks for help on Facebook

An American mom has accidentally lost her favorite necklace, which contains the ashes of her baby who died at birth. She turned to social networks to find her precious jewel.

Losing an item that is dear to us is always painful. Especially when it has special meaning for us, and it never leaves us. Cheryl Nance Knabenschuh, lost her favorite necklace earlier this month at an open house in her neighborhood while she was walking with her boyfriend. It broke her heart.

And for good reason, this pendant contains the ashes of her baby boy Quinn, stillborn in 2018. While keeping such memories in a necklace may seem strange to some, it can be a real relief for grieving parents.

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The history of the necklace

Cheryl hasn't removed her necklace since hanging it around her neck, it contained the ashes of her stillborn baby, and she always kept it close to her heart. Quinn, her son, died two months before the due date. He suffered from terrible bone fragility with increased risk of fractures, Cheryl's son had only a 1% chance of surviving birth.

Even though doctors had warned Cheryl and her husband that Quinn would suffer his entire life if he survived, the couple decided to give it a try, promising to do whatever it takes to ensure that their son has a good life. They hoped at least that they could share a few minutes of life with him. Unfortunately, Quinn did not survive. “When a family loses a child due to miscarriage, stillbirth or other unfortunate circumstances, the time they can spend with them is short … my time has just been reduced even more”, She delivers to cafemom.

Losing his ashes was like losing Quinn a second time.

Cheryl's Facebook post

As soon as she noticed the loss of her pendant, she was quick to retrace her steps and contact all the places she had been that day. Without success. So the mom shared a message on Facebook, hoping someone would find her necklace. “On Saturday January 4th, I lost a very special necklace that contains our son's ashes. My husband and I attended a few open houses in the Saratoga Springs and Lehi area that day. […] It wasn't until I got home later that day that I took my necklace off and realized it was gone. It breaks my heart to know I lost it and I would appreciate anyone willing to share it in the hopes of getting it back. He wouldn't be valuable to anyone else, but to me he is priceless", she wrote.

The post, which has been shared over 26,000 times, has paid off. Good news ! She eventually found him, thanks to his Facebook appeal for help. Cheryl made a small update on her post, saying her necklace has been found.

Cheryl's post was flooded with love and support. First, wishing her wholeheartedly all the best, then messages of relief for the happy ending. The comments, each more benevolent than the other, have touched Quinn's mother enormously.

We are very happy for her!