Shiba Inu: After +50% in January, the crypto SHIB continues to outperform – Why? – Although showing a decline of more than 2% over 24 hours at the time of writing, the remains a gain of nearly 20% in the first week of February, which makes it the best performing cryptocurrency in the top 20 on this horizon, by far.

It should be noted that this solid performance follows on from a month of January when the SHIB rose by +50%.

As for the reasons for the Shiba Inu’s outperformance against other cryptocurrencies, it seems to stem from the hype for the debut of Shiba Inu’s own blockchain, Shibarium, which will be built on .

Speaking of which, the SHIB community recently introduced a new token called Bone Shibaswap (BONE), which will serve as a governance token allowing holders to vote on proposals as Shibarium expands.

However, the Bitget platform started listing BONE a few days ago, and the token has already amassed a market capitalization of $411 million.

“BONE is a governance token in the Shibaswap ecosystem that will allow the Shib Army to vote on upcoming proposals. The more , the more weight the user has in future projects. BONE has a total of 250,000,000 tokens,” Bitget explained.

Note that SHIB fans are also campaigning for BONE to be listed on the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, sparking speculation to that effect.

“This petition is to kindly ask Binance to please list Bone tokens for trading…Let’s encourage Binance to be the first traditional broker to get on this train!” a tweet read.

Recall that the launch of BONE is the first step in Shibarium’s roadmap, which also includes the deployment of two other tokens, LEASH and TREAT, which are designed to serve as reward tokens for SHIB holders. Other events are therefore likely to fuel interest and speculation around the Shiba Inu later this year.

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