Shipping-Queen: This is how you go on a date with your favorite band

Teen time travel
We wear that to a date with a boy band member of our choice

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The shopping queen’s motto this week is: Boys, boys, boys! We have put together three looks for the dream date with a band member.

We have papered our room walls with their faces so that it is the first thing our tired eyes see in the morning and the last thing in the late evening. Boygroups were THE music phenomenon of the 90s. The years have passed, our walls may now be adorned with “art”, but if the teen self could, it would definitely say “yes” to a date, right? But which styling for which crush? This is the question that the Shopping Queen participants were allowed to ask themselves – and we also thought about it …

Boyz II Men

We’re going back in time to the 90s: Some of us have seen how the band members literally made a transformation from “boys to men”. A walk followed by a movie date? The outfits of the music videos provide plenty of inspiration, for example for overknees combined with mini skirts and cuddly sweaters. This look is definitely suitable for anything the evening brings with it.

one direction

Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik have made so many women scream. And a dozen passed out too. Even if the guys develop musically in different directions, they remain firmly anchored in the hearts of the fans. The look for these sweeties should therefore have a down-to-earth attitude and room for spontaneity. So it’s best to slip into mom jeans and slippers and let’s go!


Ever heard of K-Pop? South Korean pop music has not only been part of the country’s culture for a long time, but has also caused a sensation internationally: From its own McDonald’s burger to Grammy nominations to partnership with the luxury house Louis Vuitton. The seven-member boy band BTS is just one of many examples with a huge fan base. The most popular member, according to surveys, is Kim Taehyung, also known as V. On a date in a fancy ice cream parlor, we wear mini dresses and mules with architectural heels. Ui, ui, ui, they can really be seen!