Show-off vocabulary – 30 terms that will make a real impression

Show-off vocabulary
10 terms that will help you outsmart any smart ass

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We already learned in kindergarten that you shouldn’t show off. But there are people whose arrogance can only be beaten by one means: rhetorical superiority. And as high as a house. Child’s play with this vocabulary:

by Miriam Kühnel

1. incongruent (not matching)

You say: “I think your arguments are incongruent”

You mean: “You’re talking complete bullshit!”

2. sophistic (subtle)

You say: “Aha. A very sophistic interpretation”

You mean: “Can you see if you are such a bad person as you”

3. insinuate

You say: “I don’t understand what you mean by that.”

You mean: “Out with the language. What pisses you off, you wretch?” “

4. vicious (vicious, vicious)

You say: “I hardly know you, but you certainly do not deny a certain vicious tendency …”

You mean: “A ********”

5. Phallanx (closed front)

You say: “I hereby end the conversation, because the phallanx of your perfidious tirades does not allow an elaborate conversation.”

You mean: “Your complaints are annoying. I’m gone.”

6. Defeatism (pessimistic attitude towards the situation)

You say, “I admire your stoic defeatism”

You mean: “Your always bad mood pisses me off!”

7. diverge (deviate)

You say: “Your distinguished expression does not hide the divergence of our values.”

You mean: “You can put it as nicely as you like. In the end you just remain a complete idiot!”

8. Coprolalia (morbid use of vulgar expressions)

You say: “Enough of coprolalia, let’s get down to business!”

You mean: “Speak like a person, man!”

9. Coitophobia (fear of sexual intercourse)

You say: “The choice of this pick-up can only be explained by coitophobia”

You mean: “A Vollhorst like you will definitely not get into bed!”

10. incarnated (became flesh)

You say: “You are the incarnated prepotency”

You mean: “You can’t be more arrogant than you!”

Show-off vocabulary: 10 terms that will trump any smart ass

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