Shy'm mum: this incredible photo taken two hours before giving birth! : Current Woman The MAG

It is a day that she will remember her whole life. After sharing the many ups and downs of her pregnancy with her millions of fans, the singer Shy'm can welcome for having given birth to a little boy in perfect health! And for good reason, on January 22, 2021, the former juror of Dance with the stars announced on his Instagram account that the little guy long awaited by his two parents had pointed the tip of his nose. It was accompanied by a photo of her, her eyes exhausted but with a radiant smile, that Shy'm had written these few words: "Buried my selfish sorrows and sorrows. Farewell Futile, navel, melancholy shadow. January 22, 21 … and since then, the most beautiful dark circles of my life. " Moreover, as she revealed to her fans on January 29, 2021, K'maro's little protégé had felt that day that baby was going to be soon!

"I told myself that there was not much room left in this belly"

It is with two black and white pictures, taken as a selfie in a mirror, that Shy'm shared a little anecdote with his subscribers: "This day, I told myself that there was not much room in this belly ", she commented. And for good reason, Internet users have discovered the singer hardly carrying a (very) rounded belly, not leaving much room for the little boy to move. But that's not all. In the same caption, Shy'm indicated that this photo was taken just two hours before heading to the maternity ward: "H-2 before the t (r) empête", can we read on Instagram. A moving moment for fans of the singer who are still impatient to discover the name of the little toddler.

In comments, the reactions were not long in coming: "He had taken all the place little boy. What happiness for you", "It's impressive that point anyway", "And happiness has arrived", "Too cute, congratulations again!", "A few hours before THE meeting", "The first day of the rest of your life", can we read among the five hundred comments. Many celebrities like Philippe Bas, Arnaud Ducret or the influencer Beau Taplin were also moved by this shot, commenting on hearts by the dozen! An unforgettable moment for Shy'm who, despite the fatigue, now feels "new and alive".

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