Sinclair and Emma de Caunes: their daughter Nina (20 years old) in love, photo so in love

Difficult to know who is this charming young man who cracks the daughter of his famous parents (divorced) Emma de Caunes, 46 years old, and Sinclair, 52 years old. On her Instagram account, this visual arts enthusiast multiplies stylish posts with or without her friends, displaying humor and imagination. Much like her mom and dad, she distills her impressions with mischief on the social network, certainly nourished by the pop culture that her family loves.

As a teenager, Nina Blanc-Francard – her dad’s real name – had started out as a Youtuber. A channel that she stopped, tired of being the target of derogatory comments, in particular on her status as “daughter of”. Close to her mother, she also created a beautiful relationship with her stepfather who married Emma de Caunes in 2011. It was she who took a picture of her mother and him to celebrate their eleven years of marriage.

And then for Nina? She is obviously interested in comedy, she who appears in the series led by her mother Neuf meufs and will also be in nine guys, again for Canal+. She attended the performing arts school created by Delphine Eliet, who set up a unique working method, which she called “Intuitive and Bodily Confirmation Technique” (TCIC).

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