Sing on! Germany: New Netflix show with Palina Rojinski as moderator

A new karaoke show will be running on the Netflix streaming service in August. "Sing On! Germany" will be moderated by Palina Rojinski.

As of August, Netflix says "Sing On! Germany". The streaming service has a new singing competition, but without a jury and record contract. As a presenter, Palina Rojinski (35, "Welcome to the Hartmanns") dances through the new karaoke show. "'Sing On! Germany' is incredibly stirring, you suddenly get in a good mood, start singing along, whether you can or not, and you finally understand the lyrics because they are shown below," said the moderator in an interview with the News agency spot on news.

The streaming service came up with the idea to the 35-year-old. "We met and looked at something together that should give me an idea of ​​what the show could look like at the end. From the middle of the video, we were all in the conference room, unpacking our special moves, roaring loudly and all of a sudden In a good mood, I thought if you beamed that feeling into a fat studio, it could only enrich the world, "said Rojinski, who opened the openings for the show with the well-known choreographer Marvin R. Smith – the" Palina Performance "- has practiced.

Palina Rojinski's karaoke tips

The presenter and actress sings privately "in the car and also likes to work", as she reveals. "During the Corona period, I did karaoke parties with my friends via video call, but I always made sure that all the windows were closed," she says with a laugh.

Her tips for karaoke: "The best thing is when everyone sings along. It doesn't matter whether you can sing or not. And a pro tip: you need several microphones, because in the end everyone wants to show what they can or can't do, even those who didn't want to sing before. Common karaoke is like the first teen vacation together without parents. Afterwards you are connected forever. "

"Sing On! Germany" was filmed before the corona lockdown at Pinewood Studios near London. The 35-year-old says about the Corona period: "I was lucky, my most important projects had just finished and I should have gone on my long annual vacation. So Costa Coucha instead of Costa Rica. Fortunately, I was able to continue my podcast 'podkinski' produce from home, so we didn't have to take a break here. "

Palina Rojinski does not rule out further Netflix engagements, she could also imagine a series role, "if the story is exciting. There are so many great productions at Netflix at the moment, such as 'Dark' or 'Unorthodox'."

You have to know that about "Sing on! Germany"

The Netflix original "Sing On! Germany" starts on August 7, 2020. There are seven episodes of 35 minutes each. The six candidates can win up to 30,000 euros per episode if they hit the right notes. A "Vocal Analyzer" recognizes this and the winning amount increases with every correct tone.

Each episode has a motto: From "Girl's Night" (female candidates only) and "Hot Summer" (male candidates only), "Love Songs", "80ies Karaoke" and "Rock Party" to "Party Playlist" and "Film hits". You can also sing along at home, because the song lyrics are shown.