Snoop Dogg: US rapper wants to cast his vote for the first time

The situation in the United States is extremely tense due to the protests and riots after the violent death of George Floyd by a police officer. The crowd insists on change. For this reason, many call for a change of power and call for the election in November and the election of incumbent US President Donald Trump (73) – including Snoop Dogg (48, "Drop It Like It's Hot").

He does what he says

The rapper said, according to a report by "Page Six" on US radio, that he wanted to vote for the first time in his life. For many years he thought that as a previous criminal he had no right to do so. Snoop Dogg had already come into conflict with the law in his youth.

When asked whether he would go to the poll, the rapper, who has repeatedly appeared as a Trump critic in the past, replied: "Definitely, because we have to bring about a change." He couldn't talk about it himself and then couldn't do what he said.

George Floyd passed away on May 25th. A white policeman had held his knee on Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes when he was arrested, complaining several times that he could not breathe. A little later, the unconscious African American was pronounced dead in a local hospital.