Solo career – Claudia Hinker is a top seller on social media

Harmonica virtuoso Claudia Hinker shoots through the roof with her videos on Facebook, after the “grenades” follows a solo career.

In 2012 Claudia Hinker joined the then “Ilztal Granaten” and now “Granaten”, and for April next year the quartet has planned to leave the folk music scene. The native of Southwest Styria, however, has already made plans to fulfill a heartfelt wish during the pandemic and thus laid the foundation for a solo career: her own CD! Andreas Hinker – run a recording studio in Sinabelkirchen. During a break in production, Andreas had the idea to record a video with Claudia for the accordion friends. “Funny Claudia” And exactly the video “Funny Claudia” – with this title the Styrian was also successful in the Musiparade – was then on YouTube and Facebook is an absolute hit. The follow-up video “Fire Brigade Polka” has also shot through the roof on the social media platforms. It was clicked more than 300,000 times in the first three days after it was published. If not the stage, then the Internet “If nothing is going live at the moment, you can still try – even if only virtually – to stay active on the Internet during this time . Sure, the stage and the fans, like all my colleagues, are of course a lot for me, ”said Hinker.
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