“Soluble coffee contains calories”, a doctor explains why and how much it represents

On TikTok, a doctor followed by many Internet users for his nutrition advice spoke about a drink that regularly finds its place on the breakfast table, it is coffee. Although it is known to have no consequences on the line, coffee has calories in its freeze-dried version.

Although it is home to a lot of entertaining content, the app Tik Tok, which has millions of users worldwide, also includes a series of informative content. Indeed, a real showcase for brands and companies, the platform has also been used by content creators as well as many liberal professionals. Internet users thus appreciate following the health and nutrition advice of certain doctors who see in TikTok an opportunity to raise awareness among the youngest in particular.

This is particularly the case of doctor Jean-Michel Cohen, who has no less than 124,000 subscribers on his account TikTok where he regularly shares nutrition tips through his videos. The nutritionist to whom we owe the cohen method devised for losing weight, does not hesitate to give his opinion on the interest of such and such a food from the point of view of its contribution in terms of nutrients.

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Jean-Michel Cohen: “We have a small caloric value”

Informative content in a short format and accessible to as many people as possible which does not fail to satisfy many Internet users who are wondering about their diet. The opportunity for the doctor to sometimes deconstruct certain myths. Thus, if coffee is reputed to be a drink with no impact on weight gain, Internet users will certainly be surprised that it sometimes contains calories.

“Coffee is a seed. That is to say, it is like a small bean, so that means that in terms of composition, 50% of the coffee bean contains carbohydrates”thus reminds the doctor on TikTok. And to add:If a cup of coffee contains zero calories because it is a decoction, when we use freeze-dried coffees, we have a low caloric value”. A carbohydrate content which is however ridiculous. “The cup is about 40 to 50 calories. Just because we ground and brewed this coffee, there’s still some of those carbs left over.” he explains on the social network.

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Can consuming soluble coffee lead to weight gain? In any case, the doctor does not sound the alarm if you are a fan of this type of coffee. “Even if you don’t feel the sweet taste, there are still carbohydrates. But it’s really very anecdotal, so don’t worry if you use this type of coffee”, however tempers doctor Jean-Michel Cohen on his account TikTok.

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