Sonia Rolland wonders about the future of her daughter with Jalil Lespert, “I never imagined that she could…”

Sonia Rolland made unexpected revelations but totally common to all parents, seeking success for their children. The former beauty queen wants to protect her daughter Kahina, who is still a teenager.

D-day for Sonia Rolland ! The former beauty queen will face the fire of criticism this Wednesday, January 3 with the broadcast of her first fiction as a director. With An unexpected destinyshe depicts her life from her birth in Rwanda, her flight to escape the genocide, until her coronation in 1999, where she was elected Miss France 2000. It was at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris, and there is no doubt that the actress remembers it as if it were yesterday. But, since then, water has flowed under the bridges and Sonia Rolland has accumulated many hats. In nearly 20 years, she has played several roles in the cinema for Amanda Sthers, Woody Allen and Richard Bohringer to name a few, and has made numerous appearances on the small screen.

Recently seen on TF1 on the occasion of the tribute paid to Geneviève de Fontenay during the last Miss France election which crowned Eve Gilles, Sonia Rolland, however, remains relatively discreet about her private life. Last May, she revealed that she had found love with a childhood sweetheart whose identity she did not wish to reveal. On the other hand, we know the father of her child very well, a girl named Kahina who has just celebrated his 13 years in the month of November: Jalil Lespert.

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Sonia Rolland’s daughter wants to become an actress

Sonia Rolland had in fact shared the life of the actor and ex-companion of Laeticia Hallyday between 2009 and 2018. Their daughter could also devote her life to cinema, like her two parents. She makes an appearance at the end of the TV movie An unexpected destinywhich “feels like an actress and wants to make it her career”revealed the former Miss France during an interview with Gala. This motivation greatly questions both of his parents. We are currently having discussions about this with his father. It’s difficult to slow her down when we’re both already in this environment.”she wanted to make known.

For Sonia Rolland, concerned about her daughter’s professional future, “the main thing is that she does it at her own pace, without rushing”. She is in a school based on the English model, with classes in the morning and early learning in the afternoon. She has drawing and sculpture workshops every day.”she added, before sharing the unexpected circumstances of her participation in the fiction An unexpected destiny. “There was a teenager considered for the role but she fell ill the week of filming. It was a struggle to find a replacement. And the whole team looked at me and said: ‘Well… there’s Kahina’. I didn’t imagine she could do itdid she say.

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No preferential treatment for An unexpected destiny !

The mother, now 42 years old, admitted that she was even “a little reluctant”. “I asked him, ‘Do you remember the role?’ – because she reads all my scripts. ‘It’s for you if you want it’. She replied: ‘Okay… but how much is it paid?’ Already tough in business, the young lady!joked Sonia Rolland. “But on the set, I didn’t give him any preferential treatmentI made him redo the takes when things weren’t going well”, she concluded. Will she become a star of French cinema?


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