Sophia Thomalla: Provocative announcement on Instagram


Sophia Thomalla once again shows herself scantily clad and surrounded by trucks. "My kind of construction worker look" the model comments on the picture. "My kind of construction worker outfit". Well Sophia, you will surely violate any precautions and protective conditions that exist on a construction site. No helmet, no safety vest and we also doubt that your boots have steel caps. That means: if the whole thing hadn't been a photo shoot, it would have flown from the construction site in a high arc – despite the obligatory shovel. But Sophia Thomalla would certainly not have had a problem with that, as cheeky as she is sometimes. The model likes to provoke, especially on Instagram.

But what is behind the photo?

Sophia answers this question in the caption: "On February 13, I am a guest at 'Hinterland von Things'". We admit this Instagram picture is a somewhat unusual announcement for an investor. The event is, after all, a conference for start-ups and managing directors. Visitors can attend seminars and listen to innovative lectures. "But the creators of Hinterland von Things can be reassured … I come in a suit, not in leather hotpans. Although …", the 30-year-old provokes with a wink. Oh Sophia!


This is Sophia Thomalla – facts and figures

  • Sophia Thomalla's birthday is on October 6, 1989.

  • She was born into a real artist household in East Berlin. Her mother is actress Simone Thomalla, her father André Vetter's theater actor.

  • Her life partner is footballer Loris Karius. The two have been a couple since 2019.

  • From 2016 to 2017, Sophia Thomalla was married to Andy LaPlegua.

  • Her liaison with Rammstein singer Till Lindemann also made headlines.

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