Sophia Thomalla: That’s why she is dissatisfied with her body

Sophia Thomalla
This body confession is astonishing

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Many would not have expected that. Sophia Thomalla now amazes with a statement that one cannot really understand. It’s about your body.

Endlessly long legs, a wow six-pack, taut upper arms and a cracking bottom par excellence – Sophia Thomallas, 32, is not difficult to call her figure perfect. The TV presenter does a lot for this, but she is not really satisfied with her curves. On the contrary.

Sophia Thomalla is “not in the mood” for her body

Although she likes to stage him regularly on Instagram and also on TV, she can’t really suffer her body at the moment, Sophia now confesses in an interview with RTL. The reason for her dissatisfaction: she feels too thin. Also on the net some followers had already remarked that Sophia should be careful not to lose weight too much. And that seems to be their problem right now. “My costal arch is almost as far out as my chest. Sometimes I have the feeling that I have four breasts in front,” complains the 32-year-old and admits: “I would like more on my ribs.” For some a luxury problem, for Sophia a real nerve issue …

“I eat a lot”

Because, as she continues, she is already trying to counteract weight loss – with a particularly large amount of food. She says she eats “an incredible amount”, but her body also processes the calories “incredibly quickly”. While many are fighting against the constant increase in weight, it is exactly the other way around with Sophia. Much to her own displeasure: “I’m really not in the mood for so thin, I really have to work against it.”

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“Sch * -luxury problem”

However, Sophia is aware that she complains at a high level with her “problem”. So she tells RTL that she knows that this supposed flaw is a “shit * luxury problem”. And in fact, the 32-year-old has so much more important topics than her body, after all, she is freshly in love with none other than tennis ace Alexander Zverev, moderates two dome shows on TV, has thousands of followers: on Instagram, is good in business . The supposed “luxury problem” should be a minor matter anyway …

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