Speech in Strasbourg: Emmanuel Macron wraps himself in “the rule of law”

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During his speech before the European Parliament on Wednesday, as part of the French presidency of the Union, the French leader responded to the attacks of his opponents in the hemicycle, posing as a defender of liberal democracy. And as a pre-candidate.

The opportunity was far too good to miss. This Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron delivered the inaugural speech of “his” French Presidency of the Council of the European Union (PFUE) to the European Parliament in Strasbourg. In this modern hemicycle resembling a spaceship, the Head of State came to proclaim his attachment to the three great promises of the European project “of democracy, progress and peace”. But not only. As with each visit of an EU Head of State or Government, MEPs could debate with him. Given the list of registrants, there was no doubt that a scene from the French presidential campaign would be played out in this arena. Much to the chagrin of other MEPs…

Unsurprisingly, the environmental candidate Yannick Jadot distinguished himself at the desk by physically turning away from the Assembly to face the head of state and stage the duel he has been waiting for months. “You will go down in history as the president of climate inaction”, he swings at Macron who remains, his eyes fixed on his sheet of notes. Comes the turn of Jordan Bardella, right arm of Marine Le Pen: “You and your allies have made Europe Washington’s backyard, Beijing’s prey, Erdogan’s doormat and Africa’s hotel,” he attacks. The rebellious Manon Aubry castigates in turn “Doctor Emmanuel, the one who makes a lot of promises, and Mister Macron, who breaks social rights and has nothing to do with the emergency

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