Spider-Man No Way Home by Zendaya and Tom Holland: “When we saw the old villains in real life, it was crazy!”

Maximilien Pierrette

Film journalist

Batman or Flash. The new reboot of Spider-Man. Marginalized X-Men. The evolution of the character of Captain America. The complex architecture of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Indie attempts. The superheroes of the big and small screen have no secrets for him. Or almost.

Their meeting with the villains of other sagas, the surprises of the film (without revealing them), the first “Spider-Man” they saw, the relationship between their characters… Zendaya and Tom Holland reveal “No Way Home” to us. Without spoilers.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated films of this end of the year. Or even 2021. Two years after his adventure in Europe in Far From Home, Spider-Man is back in the cinema, still in the guise of Tom Holland, to explore the multiverse. And meet some faces known to spectators, namely the wicked Doctor Octopus, Electro or the Green Goblin.

Passing through Paris as part of the promotion of Spider-Man No Way Home, Zendaya and Tom Holland discussed this new opus with us. From their relationship to the saga as actors and spectators to the various surprises in Jon Watts’ film (which they obviously don’t reveal here), to how the relationship between their MJ characters and Peter evolves here.

While waiting to be able, finally, to discover the feature film, from Wednesday, December 15.

Interview by Maximilien Pierrette in Paris on November 30, 2021 – Editing: Arthur Tourneret

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