Stadia: after the announcement of the closure, the developers of exclusives react and Ubisoft wants to help players to exchange their games

Many imagined it for a long time: the end of Stadia was confirmed by Google last week, with a service shutdown scheduled for January 18, 2023. Players will be reimbursed for their digital purchases and even for many of their physical accessories, but many of the developers who had planned to release or bring games to life on the platform in cloud gaming find themselves left behind for the moment, most of whom learned the news at the same time as the players.

Several, however, have already started to think about parades so as not to lose their creations and communities on Stadia. This is the case ofUbisoftwhich has announced that it is studying the possibility of allowing players exchange their copy of a Stadia game for a PC game via Ubisoft Connect. Likewise, IO Interactive seeks to allow players to transfer their progress from Hitman 3 (who is not cross play) to another platform.

Otherwise, on the exclusive side, the developers have obviously also started to look for solutions so that their game does not disappear forever. We do not know if the contract with Google predicted the eventual shutdown of Stadia, but Tequila Works hinted that his powered-up adventure game GYLT should therefore now be released well on other platforms. Nothing has yet been said for PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle and Hello Engineerbut Q-Games declared to be open to support from a publisher for cross-platform release of Pixel Junk Raidersand the creators of Outcasters they too say they are looking for a solution.

And we must admit that even if the Stadia exclusives are few, it would be a shame to see them disappear forever.

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