Star Wars: what is the favorite scene of the interpreter of Rey?

Find out which scene from the Star Wars postlogy is Daisy Ridley’s favorite, who plays Rey in Episodes VII, VIII and IX.

Present at the Sundance Festival to promote Sometimes I Think About Dying, British actress Daisy Ridley has agreed to return to the saga that revealed her to the public: Star Wars.

A journalist from the IMDB site asked the former interpreter of Rey what was her favorite moment of filming episodes VII to IX, and here is her answer:

Oh bug! The one that comes to mind is in ‘The Force Awakens’, with Harrison Ford, this unknown actor. He gave me this weapon, I answered something like ‘I can do it alone’, something like that. I was so nervous that doing it, I was like, ‘Damn, it’s Harrison Ford’. I was proud to come out of it looking quite relaxed.

The Walt Disney Studios

This scene takes place in the 55th minute of the seventh episode of Star Wars, with Rey pretending to aim like she’s going to shoot, bragging that all you have to do is press “on relaxation” to know how to use this weapon. But Han replies that he still has things to learn.

Daisy Ridley has played Rey three times in the cinema and since the release of The Rise of Skywalker in 2019, tries not to be locked into the studio system. This is how she joined the cast of Sometimes I Think About Dying, an independent romantic comedy-drama.

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