Steam Deck: Developer talks about battery life

We often forget it, but on a console or a laptop PC, the notion of battery is essential, especially when the video game remains central. So what to expect for Valve’s Steam Deck? A developer responds.

With its power, the only legitimate fear that we can have about the Steam Deck: it is its autonomy. A game developer who had access to a Steam Deck SDK talks about it in a question and answer session on their website.


According to him, Valve’s portable machine would have autonomy included between two at about five o’clock. It’s actually quite wide, but that obviously depends on the type of game that is playing. Because we suspect that running a 2D platform game is not as greedy as an AAA FPS.

Some loose information on the Steam Deck

According to the developer in question, if the Steam Deck has been pushed backé this is not only because of the semiconductor shortage, but also because the SteamOS experience was not optimal and convincing enough. Finally, the (anonymous) developer also spoke about the differences in feel of the Steam Deck compared to the Nintendo Switch. The man says that for longer sessions, the Steam Deck is more comfortable in the hand due to the placement of the buttons and the shape (and size) of the console.

Still according to his information, the resumption in the middle of the game (being able to quit the game and resume it directly after a standby for example) is currently under development. All this obviously remains to be taken with a grain of salt because it is not yet official. For the record, the latest news will have to wait until February 2022 to hope to receive the first PC-Console models (it is still necessary to have pre-ordered it last summer, CQFD).

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