Stellantis: Stellantis aims for 50% electric motors at the Trémery diesel site by 2024

by Gilles Guillaume

TREMERY (Moselle) (Reuters) – Stellantis will accelerate the transformation of its Trémery plant (Moselle), long the largest diesel engine site in the world but where electric will account for 50% of production capacity by 2024 .

Last year, diesel still accounted for 67% of the plant’s production. In 2024, this disgraced technology will only weigh 30% of the installed capacity, and gasoline engines – also used for hybrid electric vehicles – 20%.

This metamorphosis, dictated by the evolution of emission standards in Europe and the ban on sales of vehicles with internal combustion engines by 2035, presents considerable challenges in terms of employment – an electric motor is made up of three times fewer parts than a combustion engine – and significant training challenges.

The industrial pole, created about half a century ago, has already lost jobs due to the age pyramid. The Trémery plant now employs around 2,400 people and the Metz gearbox plant 1,100, compared to 3,000 and 1,400 respectively in 2019.

Diesel nevertheless remains relevant, the new Citroën C4X for example carrying a diesel engine, unlike its big cousin Peugeot 408 which switches completely to gasoline and hybrid. The C4X, produced in Spain and launched at the end of the year, will also be available in electric.

(Gilles Guillaume report, edited by Jean-Michel Bélot)

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