Stiftung Warentest examines chicken nuggets: every second product fails

Mold, pollutants and Co.
Every second chicken nugget product fails the test

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Finished products in the freezer are a good alternative for days when you just don’t feel like going back to the stove. Chicken nuggets are particularly popular there. There are now also some veggie alternatives. But how good are the breaded particles really? Stiftung Warentest tested it.

Chicken nuggets are a hit with children in particular and they love to end up on their plates. But how good are the ingredients? A total of 15 frozen chicken nugget products and five veggie alternatives were tested. The result: Only every second piece of chicken is actually a pot of gold.

Chicken or veggie: Here come the best chicken nuggets

  • Bofrost (1.43 euros)
  • Organic Cool (2.78 euros)
  • Edeka Good & Cheap (0.50 euros)
  • Kaufland K-Classic (0.54 euros)

Ten of the varieties tested performed well. One of the top five even includes a veggie product: the vegan Mühlen-Nuggets from Rügenwalder Mühle (1.55 euros per 100 grams). They can certainly compete with the best chicken variants.

The testers noticed positively that the salt content of most nuggets is well dosed. Most nuggets cover 83 percent of the recommended daily protein intake for daycare children. As a side dish, however, you should rather use rice or salad instead of fries.

Retailers such as Aldi and Rewe also achieve “good” results. In addition to the Mühlen nuggets, the Vemondo Vegan Mais Bites from Lidl also scored “well” among the veggie nuggets.

Mold, pollutants and Co.: Veggie products fail

However, mold, pollutants and chemical ester compounds (3-MCPD) have been found in some of the veggie products. They are formed when the products are pre-cooked and may be carcinogenic. Chlorate was also found. Too much chlorate inhibits the absorption of iodine. This also affects two veggie products from Iglo Green Cuisine Vegane “Chicken” Nuggets and from Penny Food for Future Rice Nuggets.

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