Stuck in the meadow – police rescued pensioner lost in the snow

An 85-year-old from Graz seems to have lost her friend on the way home. The police found the car driver in the early morning hours of Sunday in a meadow near Frohnleiten. She was uninjured, but completely hypothermic.

On Sunday at 5.45 am, the apparently confused woman made an emergency call herself: She was on a meadow in Gratkorn and could not find her way back to the street. A cell phone tracking revealed that she was not far from Frohnleiten, where the 85-year-old was discovered by a police patrol. The woman knelt in the snow near the Murhof golf course. The police lifted the lady into the patrol car. The Red Cross delivered the 85-year-old to the LKH University Hospital Graz. In a brief questioning, the woman said that she visited a friend in Graz’s Andritz district on Saturday evening and then got lost.
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