Styling tips: Skilfully style the trendy one-color look

One-color looks are anything but monotonous. The color white in particular goes wonderfully with winter time – and in every wardrobe.

Anyone who thinks that in winter you can only provide fashion highlights with bright colors is wrong. Tone-on-tone outfits, so-called one-color looks, look elegant and make an impression. The color white is particularly impressive. Properly staged, the supposedly monotonous look is a real surprise bag, as fashion influencer Caro Daur (25) proves.

What matters is the crucial amount of materials. Their mix creates tension, but must not be overdone. A maximum of three different materials can be combined harmoniously. Everything above looks restless and the outfit loses its minimalist note.

Well armed thanks to layering

Trousers, sweaters, coats: the one-color look that is suitable for winter is not a great fashion challenge. Anyone who masters the art of layering shouldn't have any problems with styling. Above all, it should be ensured that the outfit experiences structure. If a long winter coat is chosen as an it-piece, it is advisable to complement it with a waist belt. This emphasizes the silhouette and looks less bulky. Underneath, knitted and turtleneck sweaters can be worn with high-waist trousers or long bodycon dresses. White sneakers or ankle boots with trendy block heels complete the look.