Superman & Lois: the link between the series and the Arrowverse revealed

The finale of season 2 finally allowed fans to discover how the series around the superhero from elsewhere is part of the continuity of the universe of the CW series.

While the series reimagining the life of Clark Kent and Lois Lane finally arrives in France in July on TF1, the finale of season 2 of Superman & Lois broadcast last night on the CW made it possible to discover how the latest born of the’Arrowverse connected to the universe of the channel’s other superhero series.

In an interview on the site TVLineshowrunner Todd Helbing admits he’s been asking himself this question since the series premiered in 2021.”Going back to the first script that was sent to Warner Brothers and DC, there were a lot of references to other heroes like Flash. In some scenes we were shooting (…) there was a picture of Kara on Lois’ desk at the Daily Planet. All of those things were phased out, and the more you did, the more of a knot it became to even hint at them.

Helbing explains that the decision to keep Superman & Lois “separate” from the rest of theArrowverse was from DC, and that he couldn’t make it public until the end of the first season. “It was a little frustrating on my end, but I totally understand DC’s position. I have therefore discarded these references.

“From the start, I said we wanted to bring our own style to the Superman property. That didn’t mean straying from the Arrowverse, but given that a lot of the other shows are sadly no longer going be aired, it seemed like the right thing to do [désormais].

In the series worn by Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch,, it is established that Superman is aware of the Multiverse. In order to illustrate it in the first season, the scriptwriters imagined a doppelgänger of the hero who was in theArrowverse. And it is ultimately through a line of dialogue spoken by Sam Lane (Dylan Walsh) in the season 2 finale that this connection is assumed in the series.

I’ve been working for the Department of Defense for a long time now“, he declares to his grandchildren. “I’ve seen things you might not believe – glimpses of other worlds, and the leagues of superheroes they possess. And even though we only have your father on this planet, we are lucky to have him, because he is the best of all the Earths.

But while The CW has canceled new DC Comics series this year, this long-awaited line from fans doesn’t seem to bode well for future DC Comics crossovers.Arrowverse… Despite the stealthy appearance of the character of John Diggle (David Ramsey) in the season 2 finale, a recurring character in the Arrow series.

It’s also a new Diggle. David Ramsey has grown a beard and hair. He called me to ask me if I wanted him to shave and go to the hairdresser so as not to add more confusion [à l’apparition de son personnage]“laughs the showrunner.

The first two seasons of Superman & Lois are available on the SALTO streaming platform.

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