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Homemade brioche, or brunch with friends, discover our best gourmet recipes to organize a full breakfast. Although it is important to have fun in the morning, it is also essential, because of the calories and sugar intake, to limit consumption.

The croissant, a timeless bakery

The Crescent fis part of the top 2 pastries favorite of the French, but often we hesitate between its version regular or butter. If one is almost " less caloric "Than the other, it is no less different. The ordinary croissant is made with vegetable fat (margarine) and has a shape of "moon". As to butter croissant, it has a more straight shape, it is slightly golden, raised with a good taste of butter and crisp on the palate. The craze for this butter recipe is such that each year the Coopérative d'Isigny offers a competition Best Isigny AOP butter croissant.
If it is an essential product of French pastries, you must give back to César what belongs to César. Indeed, the crescent is of Austrian origin and not French. August Zang, Austrian officer, moved to France, not far from rue Richelieu. Nostalgic for the terroir of his country, he decided to import special ovens (with steaming) and the know-how of Viennese artisans in his local bakery. The success was immediate, the Parisian bakeries follow the movement. However, you will have to wait for the Twentieth century so that the growing be adopted by the general public. In 1920, it was the revolution, the puff pastry replaced the original brioche dough. Later in the 70s, margarine will replace butter in "ordinary" croissant.

How croissants are made

In France, we use a leavened puff pastry especially for croissants and pains au chocolat. The difference with normal puff pastry is that the dough (in which the butter is folded) contains baker's yeast. The latter swells the dough before and during baking. Today, several parameters (costs, product quality, manufacturing time, etc.) condemn some professionals to use margarine and frozen pasta (based on margarine). Quality is affected and it prejudices all pastries.

Chocolatine or pain au chocolat, which one to choose?

After the " French gastronomic meal ”, registered in 2010 at Unesco World Heritage, it's around the chocolatine to enter this very closed circle. Be careful, it is chocolate and not chocolate bread, considered basic. In 2018, on the sidelines of the Agriculture and Food bill, deputies tabled a amendment for the "enhancement of the use name and notoriety of a product". A symbol for these deputies who wish to give back their letters of nobility to local products.

The lowest calorie pastries

All the pastries are caloric, that's also why they are good. Discover the top 7 more or less caloric products:

  • The croissant: 183 Kcal / piece
  • Bread with milk: 200 kcal
  • Grape bread: 267 Kcal
  • A pain au chocolat: 278 Kcal / 100 gr
  • Palm: 406 Kcal / 100 gr
  • The chouquettes: 430 kcal / 100 gr
  • An Oranese: around 500 kcal / 100 gr

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