Sword Art Online: Last Recollection, scenario, many fan service characters and types of weapons in videos, a Ritual of Bonds DLC announced

Since announcing its release date last March, Sword Art Online: Last Recollection has shown itself on several occasions in order to reveal its content and functionalities of gameplay. Sincehe was still entitled last week to no less than three trailers, so now is the perfect time to take stock and gather all the information about it here. So let’s start with its storyline and characters.

This sequel toAlicization Lycoris will dive us as a reminder in full Territory of Darknesswith obviously some shared similarities between the game and the anime such as the fact that PoH And Vecta will stand in the way of the protagonists, and the presence of some fighters from the Dark Territorywho will end up as allies (iskahn, Rilpirin And Renju) or adversaries (Sigurosig, Furgr And Dee Eye Ell). The two biggest differences will obviously be the fact that Kirito is not a vegetable throughout this escapade and thatEugene will be at these sides without having perished in the face of Quinella. Our character will also be very well surrounded, promising a maximum of fan service.

In addition to residents of theunderworld like apprentices Lonie Arabel And Tiese Shtolienenwe find for example Yui And Argoas well as relatives of Kirito with administrator accounts. The goddesses ofunderworld had thus been highlighted in a previous video, but will not be limited to the three that appeared in the anime. Indeed, in addition to stacia (Asuna), Solutions (Otherwise) And terraria (Leafa), two others were created for the game: Igna (lisbeth) And Airia (silica)! Visuals associated with them can be found on the next page.

Another detail revealed by this new trailer as a conclusion, the unreleased heroine of this game called Dorothy Isaiah Elisheva will end up backfiring Kirito for reasons that remain unclear at this time. As for the original characters introduced in previous games over the years, they were treated to their own trailer. Stream, Philia, Rain, Seven, premiere, Tia, Itsuki, Kureha, Zeliska and even Medina pass there. Obviously, the fairer sex is much more represented, bandai namco and rights holders know how to talk to the fandom.

The last unpublished video of the moment concerns the types of weapons that we will be able to handle in the game, each time with supporting demonstrations. So we find the one-handed swords with many skills, which are the basis of ODSthe prerogative of Kirito which is the handling of two blades, rapiers, bows, daggers, katanas (the sword Taillavenir of Bercouli is considered as such…) and fakes. Note that this is a first part and that more than 10 types are announcedso not everything has been introduced yet.

And if you want an overview of the game’s content and features, A trailer overview had been broadcastshowing the environments of the Dark Territoryof gameplay with the entire interface displayed, certain menus such as the management of the skill palettes that can be used in combat by our team of 4 characters and the customization of our Kiritowhich questions the reason for not letting us create our own avatar…

Finally, during theAnime Expo 2023, downloadable content has been unveiled, baptized in English Ritual of Bonds. This DLCs will consist of exploring a vast underground maze that suddenly appeared, which will feature several dungeons. Completing them will “enrich the lands and prevent the Dark Territory from expanding.” For that, we will embody the many heroines of the license as well asEugene, which ironically is considered as such. Additional stories and costumes will also be on the program.

  • Volume 1: Strea, Philia, Sinon, Silica, Asuna, Lisbeth, Dorothy, Premiere and Tia.
  • Volume 2: Rain, Seven, Alice, Eugeo, Leafa, Medina, Kureha, Zeliska and a character kept secret.

Sword Art Online: Last Recollection is expected on October 6 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. The publisher has opened pre-orders and you can therefore already turn to Gamesplanet to get it at the price of € 50.99 on this platform. On the side ofAmazonthe records are simply on line. As a bonus, players who pre-order their sample will receive theDark Swordsman Sword Skin Set.

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