Sylvie Meis: She congratulates herself on her birthday

Sylvie Meis
She wishes herself a happy birthday

Sylvie Meis is now 45 years old.

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Presenter Sylvie Meis is celebrating her 45th birthday and is happy about her life on Instagram.

Sylvie Meis (45) celebrates herself on Instagram: “All the best for me!”, she writes there in a post. Among other things, the moderator says: “Today is my 45th birthday, but I was also once a young girl from a provincial town who managed to fulfill her dreams through visualization, discipline, work, karma (you get what to spread) and not afraid to seize the opportunity when the time was right.”

Meis added that she too has had ups and downs in her life, “but they all made me what I am today…. And I love what I am: a successful, strong mother, entrepreneur, ambassador and presenter”. Speaking to her fans and followers, she said: “So you too believe in yourself, be proud of your achievements, work hard, thrive, never give up and celebrate yourself (as I am doing today with lots of champagne and cake ), because only in this way can you achieve what you want, become what you want to be and, above all, love who you are”.

Celebration in Madrid

In her Instagram stories she also shared, among other things, a picture that shows her in a black mini dress with silver straps and decorations. Meis wrote: “Ready to celebrate a new year of life”. She then posted a picture with a group of women celebrating her 45th birthday at a restaurant in Madrid. There she also received a birthday cake in the form of a 45, as can also be seen on Instagram.

Her son, soccer player Damian van der Vaart (16), congratulated Sylvie Meis also in a story. He shared an old photo of him as a young child standing on the soccer field with his mother. “Happy Birthday Mom,” he added.

Damian van der Vaart comes from Meis’ marriage to ex-soccer star Rafael van der Vaart (40). The two were married from 2005 to 2013. In February, the presenter and her second husband, artist Niclas Castello (44), announced their separation. In 2020 they got married.


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