Sylvie Testud, a hyper-protective mother, recounts a shocking anecdote: “my son calls me the FBI”

Actress Sylvie Testud speaks freely about her daily life as a star mother and the education she provides to her two children Ruben and Esther, the first of whom is now an adult. Amazing confidences!

Many star parents share their daily lives through sometimes unexpected confidences, and more precisely the relationships they have with their children. Recently, Alessandra Sublet recalled some memories after the birth of her two, and Vianney is currently speaking in the press and on television about his new role as a father and the values ​​he wishes to instill in his son Edgar , now two years old. While Elodie Gossuin expressed her extreme fatigue while the siblings have two pairs of twins, the actress Sylvie Testud remembers some offbeat anecdotes about theeducation of Ruben and Estherhis two children, the eldest of whom is now an adult.

The French actress from Lyon caused a sensation on TFX for her role as Clarisse in the film D-Day by Reem Kherici. The feature film was broadcast on the small screen this Sunday, November 26. We remember that she had confided a little earlier this year about the role in her life, that of mother, and her very protective side which would a priori tend to irritate Ruben. “Then me, my son calls me the FBI ! It seems that I’m too much on his backshe confided in the spring at the microphone of 1 hour withopposite Bernard Montiel (RFM).

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Sylvie Testud followed her son in secret

This interview was organized on the occasion of the television broadcast of Mom, don’t let me fall asleep, with Michael Youn who was recently seen in a Christmas TV movie alongside Jenifer. For our radio colleagues RFMthe 52-year-old actress who generally remains discreet about her private life had also clarified that she had, on the contrary, the feeling of “not being enough” on his back. So much so that Bernard Montiel asked Sylvie Testud if she ever rummaged through her son’s belongings. “Now he’s 18, so it’s more complicated to go through your things, she added, suggesting that she was completely realistic. Which did not prevent her from following him when he went out… Indeed, the heroine of Stupor and tremors revealed a surprising anecdote to say the least about his way of protecting Ruben…

While the latter left for a walk on “the lawns of the Invalides”, in Paris, she took her car to follow him. Nothing less ! But Sylvie Testud seems much better actress than detected. “He called me and said, ‘I see you. I got burnedshe recalled on the radio, before adding: “There were bottles of beer left and right, it pissed me off…”. She finally accepted her son’s request and turned back to return home and let him enjoy his getaway in the seventh arrondissement of the capital in complete autonomy. But assuring him that she was waiting for him to return home! Sylvie Testud nevertheless remained silent as to the continuation of this adventure… What time did Ruben come home?


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