Taurus ascending Leo: sensual and charismatic …

Ascending Taurus Leo, here is a strong association of character! The people of this signer display a resolute, firm, determined temperament, a little too stubborn around the edges, and do not let go until the others have given up. Taurus ascendant Leo are very resistant (sometimes too much) to the point of having the annoying habit of thinking that they are always right!

What are the main characteristics of the ascendant Taurus Leo? The astrological sign and especially your ascendant reveal many traits of your personality. If you do not know your ascendant, or you do not know what it corresponds to, you can calculate it with this easy and free tool.

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The celebrities of the astrological sign of Taurus: strong and determined personalities

Taureans know how to be charming, ironic, wise, and protective. They are also good at watching their backs, but also revealing a magnanimous and altruistic soul. After all, there are many famous people born under the sign of Taurus: Lily Allen, Adele, Megan Fox, Laeticia Casta, George Clooney, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penelope Cruz, Lorie, Cate Blanchett, Estelle Lefébure, Elizabeth II, Robert Pattinson, Sofia Coppola, Lily Allen, Dwayne Johnson, Audrey Hepburn, Patrick Bruel, Renaud, Camille Lacourt.

Taurus is one of the strongest and most determined signs in the entire zodiac; a characteristic common to all earth signs, such as Taurus, and also Virgo and Capricorn. Unlike fire signs, they are calm on the inside, very concrete, realistic, with a very pragmatic mind. This sign is characterized not only by its need for stability, especially in love, but also by its passionate side! On the surface, the Taurus displays a nonchalance (which we all envy), but, in reality, he hides a great sensitivity and a beautiful softness of spirit.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty that dominates the sign, grants Taurus a lot of creativity, ingenuity and satisfies a need for security in your love life. Taurus is one of those people who read their horoscope in the morning while enjoying their breakfast. As a good epicurean, he simply loves the little pleasures of life.

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Taurus-Leo: a winning combination

He is always at the center of the stage! Even if, in reality, it depends a lot on his ascendant, that is to say the sign which rose on the eastern horizon – in the first house therefore -, at the time of his birth, and which influences his character. and even his way of life.

In addition to her charm, which attracts the attention of others, it is especially her radiant and charismatic personality as well as her undeniable sex appeal that acts like a magnet. He manages to get everyone to agree and captivate those around him with his confidence and virtuosity. Yes, sometimes Taurus-Leo can abuse it a bit, but what can he do about it?
He is quite simply a star, likes to stand out from the crowd and always finds a way to get what he wants. The ascendant Taurus Leo knows how to highlight his best qualities (with a touch of narcissism), both in his love life and professional life.

On the other hand, the result of this combination of signs is a very tenacious personality, which only gives up as a last resort. He only sees success when he has achieved all the goals he set for himself. The Leo ascendant endows his native with the ability to shine on his own, and the sun sign in Taurus will make him want to take advantage of it, but with moderation and maturity.

Ascendant Taurus Leo: a radiant character

The ascendant Taurus Leo is endowed with a "good soul" because he is always ready to help everyone (even if he is sometimes lacking in tact), and protects those he loves. On the other hand, this native expects a lot in return from his friends and other half, whether it is admiration, flattery, or recognition.

In addition, he easily shows enthusiasm for all his projects. Like a sun shining on all those around him, his presence is felt like his absence. However, if that native gets angry, get as far away as possible. He struggles with forgiveness, he doesn't know how to forgive people who have wronged him, and he doesn't know how to trust them again.

On the job side, the ascendant Taurus Leo must be dynamic, fast, and it is not uncommon for him to be entrusted with important missions so that he can devote all his radiant energy to them.

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In love: a sentimental, passionate and possessive esthete

As a sign, Taurus has great affinity in romantic relationships with the virgin They share a love of comfort and beauty, although Taurus prefers stability more than their capacity for change.
With an Aquarius, he will face too many quarrels, but with the sign of Cancer, he will feel pampered and loved. He should also avoid Scorpio, too jealous and passionate.
On the other hand, with a Lion, he could find a good understanding (and even more thanks to his ascendant!). A Gemini, no matter how superficial to him, is always welcome when Taurus feels the need for some security and peace of mind.

With Leo ascendant, his sensuality bursts forth, which stems from his fascinating and somewhat brash character. Often domineering with his partner (whom he would like to have on his boot), a pinch of pride emerges from his exuberant personality to say the least. However, Taurus ascendant Leo natives seem desperate to protect their half from any danger, no matter how insignificant.

Taurus spontaneity mingles with Leo arrogance. Like all Taurus, he loves life, he displays an unwavering determination, he can easily be stubborn, and he deeply loves beauty wherever it lurks.
In his married life, he favors stable and lasting relationships and works to the best of his ability to ensure the serenity of his love life. Venus bestowed a very romantic personality on this earth sign. Both sentimental and sensual, he enjoys planning projects for the future, but knows how to remain realistic when necessary. Very loyal and tenacious, the ascendant Taurus Leo will not hesitate to fight if he feels his entourage is threatened.

The rising Taurus Leo loves flattery, praise, compliments and is eternally grateful to those who grant it. He is loyal and respectful, but too often jealous, possessive and dominant. The natives of this astrological sign don't have many faults, but there is one that never fails: pride. And unfortunately, this flaw can affect your romantic relationship. So if you are of this zodiac sign, beware and don't forget to show off your partner.

The rising Taurus Leo knows how to attract attention with his looks and elegance. Seduction is a real game for this sign which charms faster than its shadow. And when he falls in love, he quickly feels overwhelmed. Besides, he has a certain attraction for social prestige, with marriage, children, and all.

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Leo ascendant: what about the other signs of the zodiac?

In astrology, natives with Leo as their ascendant are always successful, they are optimistic in all circumstances, both practical and full of hope but also courageous, and quite proud! Thus, the ascendant Taurus Leo does not forget the affronts he has suffered, and often thinks about it when he recalls memories. Sometimes he feels so eager to be praised and admired that this vanity turns into self-centeredness and ostentation.

The Leo ascendant strongly influences the other signs: the Aries ascendant Leo is inherently strong and courageous, the Gemini ascendant Leo is resourceful and fascinating (and a bit megalomaniac). Cancer ascendant Leo is the most realistic and the most eager for admiration. As for the ascendant Leo Leo, here's an explosive mix: with all of the Leo characteristics (but multiplied by ten), you get a personality that is in need of attention, but also generous and loving.

Virgo ascendant Leo appears the most capable, but with a touch of opportunism, while ascendant Leo Libra is more outgoing and self-assured. The ascendant Scorpio Leo proves to be calculating and narcissistic, but also intuitive and passionate, and on the other hand, the ascendant Capricorn Leo asserts himself even stronger and more tenacious. In addition, if the ascending Sagittarius Leo is exuberant and sure of himself, the Aquarius, him, appears more original, dynamic (and a little arrogant on the edges). The Leo ascendant offers a strong influence on Pisces, which becomes more daring and less hesitant.

And with another ascendant?

If a Taurus has Aries as an ascendant, we get a determined and combative native by nature, which will always demand absolute loyalty. The Taurus ascendant Taurus is even more gentle, sensual, but also jealous and possessive than the Taurus ascendant Leo in his romantic relationship.
If he has a Gemini ancestry, he will display a cheerful, epicurean, but slightly narcissistic personality. With the Cancer ascendant, the Taurus is not very aggressive or competitive, but becomes the ideal partner with a great family spirit, very child-oriented, home, family cocoon. The ascendant Taurus Virgo is more melancholy, very cerebral, thoughtful, but also very caring with his other half and sociable with friends. On the other hand, if his ascendant is Libra, then his charm reaches new heights, and his sensuality becomes a major asset for this native, because he is the ideal partner.

The Taurus ascendant Scorpio is very proud and sensitive. He does not forgive anything, not even the slightest fault, he is uncompromising, judge, inflexible and obstinate. However, in addition to being ambitious, he displays a certain curiosity and a great joie de vivre. With the Sagittarius ascendant, Taurus becomes a very solar personality, although she is slightly naive in her relationships, friendships and with her co-workers. With the Capricorn ascendant, he's more practical, rational, a little shy at the start of a relationship, but sultry at the right time. If, on the contrary, his ancestor is Aquarius, he is found to be intelligent, but unstable of temper, thoughtful, and always shines in his group of friends. If the Taurus is of Pisces ascendant, they will be even more affectionate, sincere, very comfortable in romantic relationships and very nostalgic for the past.

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5 adjectives to summarize all the possible ascendants of Taurus

Ascendant Taurus Aries: active, tireless, combative, altruistic, loyal
Ascendant Taurus Taurus: gentle, stubborn, possessive, passionate, protagonist
Taurus ascendant Gemini: happy, companion, esthete, narcissist, loyal
Taurus ascendant Cancer: ideal, tender, sentimental, introverted, loyal
Ascendant Taurus Leo: determined, dominant, creative, jealous, charming
Ascendant Taurus Virgo: melancholy, laid-back, thoughtful, gentle, pragmatic
Taurus ascendant Libra: charming, passionate, sociable, loyal, well-groomed
Taurus Ascendant Scorpio: stubborn, determined, proud, passionate, inflexible
Taurus ascendant Sagittarius: thoughtful, sunny, loyal, naive, practical
Taurus ascendant Capricorn: thinker, realistic, ambitious, practical, sensual
Ascendant Taurus Aquarius: radiant, friendly, curious, intelligent, unstable
Taurus ascendant Pisces: kind, caring, romantic, affectionate, hardworking

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