Taylor Swift: That’s why Sophie Turner and her daughters sleep with the singer

Sophie Turner
The separation from Joe Jonas is her ticket into this girls squad

Sophie Turner, Taylor Swift

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Ex-partners united! In addition to enjoying girls’ nights out in New York City, Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner are now living together. Is Sophie Turner finally a member of Taylor’s girl gang after her divorce from the Disney star?

They not only share a stellar Hollywood career, but also a common ex-partner. Taylor Swift, 33, and Sophie Turner, 27, were both in a relationship with actor Joe Jonas, 34. Now the duo has been spotted arm in arm in New York City. Is Sophie’s divorce from the Disney star the ticket into TayTay’s girl gang?

Taylor Swift + Sophie Turner: A separation connects them

While the pop singer only dated Joe for a few months – from July to October 2008 – Sophie was married to the former child star for four years. The two got engaged in 2017. They celebrated their wedding on May 1, 2019 in Las Vegas and repeated their wedding vows on June 29 in Carpentras, France.

But then the shock news: at the beginning of September 2023, the couple announced their separation on Instagram. The statement says: “After four wonderful years, we have decided together and in friendship to end our marriage.” A nasty surprise for the couple’s fan base. Nobody expected the marriage to end abruptly. The Hollywood couple’s happiness seemed so perfect when their second daughter was born in the summer of 2022.

Does Taylor console her friend Sophie about the end of her marriage?

Thanks to girlfriend support, there is now less of the pain of separation. In a great mood, Taylor and Sophie visit the Italian restaurant “Via Carota” for dinner together on Tuesday, September 19th. The women’s evening outing in New York City marks one of the few times the “Game of Thrones” actress has been spotted since her divorce was announced.

Seems like Taylor is supporting her friend during the tough time. After all, it wasn’t long ago that Taylor had to go through a breakup herself. The singer ended her long-term relationship with her then partner Joe Alwyn in spring 2023. Since then, there have been rumors about new partners, but no speculation has been officially confirmed.

Shelter in the Swift house

Moved from the “St. Regis Hotel” to the hallowed halls of her new best friend: Taylor Swift’s all-round carefree package doesn’t just include dinner trips. The pop star now naturally gives his girlfriend and her daughters a place to sleep. At least that is what is assumed. Because while Taylor Swift was in Kansas City with her date Travis Kelce, Sophie Turner was spotted leaving the singer’s New York townhouse early this morning. Kills are available from “Daily Mail”. They show the actress with her two girls – slightly sleepy, without make-up, her hair pulled back in a messy ponytail. One detail is particularly noticeable: Sophie Turner has only half put on her sneakers and – it seems – is still wearing her pajamas.

Seems like Joe Jonas’ ex-partner was in a hurry. A black SUV was waiting for the children in front of the house. The mother of two seemed to want to send her girls somewhere else. The driver of the car helped her load two packed suitcases and a portable crib into the vehicle. She then said goodbye to the girls before heading back to Swift’s house. Although Sophie Turner actually wanted to go back to Great Britain with her offspring, the ex-couple had agreed to the court order a few days earlier to temporarily keep their offspring in the USA.

It goes on even without men

The end of their relationships doesn’t stop Taylor or Sophie from looking forward. They go their own way even without a partner. While the celebrated actress is currently in front of the camera in Spain for her new series “Joan”, the pop star is breaking streaming records with her latest album. In the summer, Taylor will finally visit Germany with her “The Eras” tour. The tickets are already completely sold out.

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