Tekken 8: Steve Fox boxes like a king, even if his head doesn’t belong to you

We are now only a few weeks away from the arrival of Tekken 8 in our consoles and PC at the beginning of 2024, which will haveA roster quite copious of 32 fighters at launch. Since last month we have known the identity of each of them, with the little Reina who came to complete the announcements. From now on, Bandai Namco reveals a trailer dedicated to a character every week not having had one until then. Leo had opened the ball and it was Steve Fox which followed.

This genetic son of Nina Williamsborn while his “mother” was in cryogenic sleep, is an outstanding professional boxer and proves it to us again by chaining combos against King And Hwoarang. The only odd thing in all this is when he opens his mouth, because the intonations of his lines sound strange…Yet it’s still Gideon Emery which doubles it, which has accustomed us to much better. It must be believed that the direction given to his character has changed. In any case, fans did not fail to point it out and complain about it, as well as the structure of his face. His victory pose is quite amusing, because it reveals a mini ring, which is a bit of a duplicate here.

Tekken 8 is expected on January 26, 2024 and can be pre-ordered from €69.99 on Amazon, to the Fnacat the house of Cdiscount from €74.99 (here And there) Or at the house of Gamesplanet from €59.49.

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