Television “Friday everything is permitted” is 10 years old: we attended the boosted prime of TF1

On Friday, everything is allowed (Vtoe for the faithful) celebrates its tenth anniversary… on a Saturday. This evening on TF1, Arthur takes out the party favors at the Dôme de Paris, accompanied by stars and members of the cult show.

Who for this birthday?

“The faces of French laughter”, as Arthur introduces it. Comedians, singers, comedians or animators boosted and sometimes uncontrollable will be present like Kev Adams, Amelle Chahbi, Michaël Youn, Arnaud Ducret, Jarry, Claudia Tagbo, Ahmed Sylla, Gérémy Crédeville, Anne-Sophie Girard, Bruno Guillon, Baptiste Lecaplain, Camille Cerf , Elie Semoun, Chris Marques, Cartman, Issa Doumbia, Florent Peyre, Arnaud Tsamere, Booder…

The trailer for this special bonus… in “Squid Game” mode, the Netflix series

Filmed a few weeks ago, 2000 people attended this ”special 10 years” bonus in the performance hall in the south of the capital. We sat in the audience. We tell you.

Fans from the ”Ch’Nord”

“We clap our hands! Are you ready for the show? », asks the room driver before the start of the recording of the show. The atmosphere is already at its maximum: the fans, many of whom come from the North of France and dressed in their 31s, are just happy to attend a festive event like this… in the midst of a pandemic. “We’re going to have fun because on Friday… ”Everything is allowed” “, answer the spectators in madness. Even if we are in the middle of the week, “we have the right to dance and party”, insists the room driver.

“Anne Hidalgo? »

That evening, a guest seems to be missing on the stage, stuck in Parisian traffic. “Anne Hidalgo? asks Michaël Youn to Arthur. The room is hilarious. In Paris, everyone knows that the mayor is hunting vehicles and that the traffic jams are dense. The missing guest is actually Arnaud Ducret, a history of Vtoewho even met his wife there!

The valves fuse … “Claudia’s cut (Tagbo, also program history, Editor’s note), is the Covid”, balances Arthur. On the hair side, Ahmed Sylla and Jarry (“did you go to Turkey to have it implanted?”) also take it for their rank.

Before starting the tests, Michaël Youn wonders: “We would like to understand. We’ve been coming here for ten years to play games and we never win anything. I always leave alone in a taxi”.

For this anniversary, we laugh (a lot), we dance, we embrace … “If there is a closeness between us outside of friendship, it is that we have all tested negative and that ‘we are all vaccinated,’ explains Arthur. “Oh no, I have a fake vaccination pass,” replies Claudia Tagbo.

It sucks a lot on… the Covid

The one who is at the heart of the valves, that evening … it is the coronavirus. Did someone say we can laugh at everything? Unleashed, Ahmed Sylla, with a birthday hat on his head, imitates Oliver Véran, then Jean Castex. “So there, there is Pfizer, then Moderna…”, he says with a southern accent, counting the candles on his head.

Or: “You’re an anti-vax, those who are vaccinated don’t dance like that”, “After the sixth dose, the Covid will no longer hit anyone”.

“Make way for the younger generation”

Comedians Booder, Issa Doumbia and Jarry are particularly acclaimed. It must be said that they deliver a hilarious “performance” and that they are full of energy. “The program has evolved so much and spawned 90% of the comedians in this country, it’s a magical place to have fun. Being in people’s living rooms is an incredible strength. This show has changed my life, if I have the chance to do Zéniths now, it’s partly thanks to her, ”says Jarry, whom we met backstage.

Now on France Télévisions, the host and humorist has participated more than 70 times in Arthur’s show. “We must leave room for new generations of comedians so that they are also spotted and loved by the public”, he concludes before going back on stage.

Arthur’s Challenge

This is quite a challenge launched by Arthur: at the start of the show, he sends a text message to around thirty artists to take part in the biggest speed quiz ever organised. Whether they are at home, playing sports, at a restaurant with friends… The facilitator gives them one hour to join him at the Dôme de Paris. And many are those who will be present, such as Christophe Beaugrand, Maëva Coucke, Titoff, Lola Dubini, Moundir, Jhon Rachid, Inès Vandamme, Nicocapone and his wife Daniela, Estelle Denis, Christophe Licata, Anaïs Grangerac, Tareek, Donel Jack’sman , Vincent Desagnat and many more…

So, what to remember from these ten years? “We always talk about living together, we learned to laugh together”, concludes Arthur… Ready to leave for the next ten years? The future will tell.

Did you know ? 28 countries broadcast “Friday everything is permitted” in the world

On Friday, everything is alloweda 100% French creation, has been sold in no less than 28 countries: Germany, Algeria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, Spain, United States, Finland, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Lebanon , Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay and Vietnam.

On Friday, everything is allowed, a 10-year special, presented by Arthur, this Saturday January 29 from 9:10 p.m. on TF1. A program produced by Satisfaction The Television Agency.

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