Tesla offers the ecological bonus on its restyled Model 3 Propulsion

The Tesla Model 3 has lost competitiveness since it is no longer eligible for the ecological bonus in France, a direct consequence of its production in China. The recent price drop for the Model Y has only driven home the point, since the SUV is now priced at the same price as the sedan, excluding the €4,000 ecological bonus for which it remains eligible in its Propulsion version, this one being produced in Berlin.

So to boost sales of its Model 3, Tesla decided to compensate for the loss of the ecological bonus of its entry-level Propulsion version by applying a discount of €4,000. Please note, however, the reduction is only valid on new models in stock ordered “between February 23 and March 17, 2024 and subject to delivery until March 30, 2024 inclusive.” As a result, volumes will naturally be limited and you will have to be reactive to be sure not to miss this offer.

Restyled Tesla Model 3 interior

A Model 3 as convincing as ever

This discount allows Model 3 Propulsion in stock to be priced from €38,990, or the same price as the bonus Model Y deducted. The sedan also has serious advantages over the SUV, since it received a restyling in 2023 (Model 3 Highland) which the Model Y has not yet benefited from. It allows the Model 3 to boast better finishes. , a screen dedicated to rear passengers and some additional functions.

The Model 3 is also more economical than the Model Y, with 513 km of autonomy for the Model 3 Propulsion, compared to 455 km for the Model Y Propulsion. In terms of practical aspects, however, the Model Y easily stands out thanks to its tailgate and its larger trunk.

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