TEST Super Mario Bros. Wonder: a breath of fresh air on Switch

Who does not know the Super Mario Bros.. Today ? The Switch was entitled to different ports, such as New Super Mario Bros., and will welcome a new production which will titillate fans of 2D universes. Her name ? Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The title is sure to be exciting because it shakes up the franchise a bit by bringing a lot of new features. We finished it and it must be said that it was able to turn our brains around.

Really so cute!

Let’s not beat around the bush, the graphics are simply sublime. The developers had fun bringing new animations which easily entertain the retinas. The easy expressions of our heroes are now very pronounced. For example, the face of Mario hardens when he encounters enemies, or becomes ecstatic when he obtains powers. When he enters a pipe, his gestures are crazy and amusing. Honestly, it’s good to see this kind of visual novelty in a Super Mario Bros..

In addition, the environments are also crazy. The team plays a lot on different levels to titillate the eyes. Beyond that, the decorations are varied and are not alike. But the point that really enchanted us, this is when the levels change appearance along the way. Indeed, by touching a “Prodigy” flower, the world distorts, objects come to life, the lights go crazy and the colors move. There is then a break in the image which brightens up the player without difficulty. Really so cute!

Super Mario Bros Wonder 64 08 31 2023Regarding the soundtrack, we have very happy and playful notes in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Obviously, we find some chants taken from the license, which have been remixed to touch the hearts of nostalgic old people. Quite a pleasant point, some sound effects take up the tones of the NES games. It’s absolutely perfect. And the new actor Mario And Luigi ? His voice is not so bad and comes very close to Charles Martinet. Nothing to be troubled about yet.

THE Super Mario Bros. are known for being accessible games. Is this still the case here? Yes, by taking the controller, the player instantly understands the controls. Run, jump, break bricks, nothing could be easier. Except that, one thing should be noted, the handling evolves over the course of the adventure. Indeed, the more we progress, the more our character can perform new actions thanks to Badges.

It’s funny and entertaining at the same time.

Super Mario Bros Wonder 67 08 31 2023What is it concretely? Badges that we can buy in shops or earn by completing a specific challenge. Before a level, it is possible to assign one to our protagonist. Thus, we can sprint extremely fast, jump very high while floating a little in the air, swim flexibly in the water, use a grappling hook to cling to walls (yes, you read correctly), and well other crazy things. This addition is welcome and brings an additional challenge in certain levels to uncover all the secrets. There are various kinds of Badges, some of which are not very useful, it’s up to you to find them! Brief, we totally love the idea.

Who says new game, also says new powers (impossible to escape). Classic objects, such as Super Mushroom or even the Super Star, are scattered around, but there is also something new. Say hello to Mushroom Drillto sneak into the floor or ceiling, at the Elephant Applegiving disproportionate force, or even to the Bubble Flower, allowing you to throw bubbles to trap opponents. These transformations are practical and give the possibility of unlocking passages, finding secret places, or easily killing bad guys. It’s funny and entertaining at the same time, a real pleasure in the hands !

Super Mario Bros Wonder 73 08 31 2023Another point and not the least, the possibility of controlling all our heroes from the start. Nintendo is very smart and thought of characters intended for toddlers. Mario and his friends are there and play in the same way, the YoshiThey do not take damage and can glide in addition to swallowing anything and everything. Finally, we have Carottin who invites himself to the party and is invincible. So parents can have fun with their children by selecting an immune protagonist in this colorful world. THANKS Big N. !

Mariothere Princess Peach, Luigi and the whole team are invited to Kingdom of Flowers speak Prince Florian to relax a little. The festivities are going well, when suddenly, the abominable Bowser shows up and ruins the atmosphere. The proud adversary of the mustachioed man appropriates a flower Prodigywhich allows it to merge with his majesty’s castle. Several residents are imprisoned, we must free them and save the country.

A perfect title for adults and children.

Super Mario Bros Wonder 53 08 31 2023Not to change, the scenario is very simple and is a pretext to launch us into different eccentric levels. To progress and unlock areas, we must collect “Wonder Seeds”. By completing the universes of the various countries, it took us 5-6 hours. But unsurprisingly, the title encourages us to return to certain routes to find hidden places, giving access to secret worlds; we think greatly about Super Mario World in passing. The interest of such a title also lies in its replayability, if you buy a Mario in 2D, it’s not just to see the final credits. And even once it is 100% complete, the desire to return will be there.

But wait, that’s not all, this new production is not just a solitaire game. The Japanese giant is also banking on a shared experience! Whether locally or online (finally a mode on the Web…), we can have fun with 3 other people. Once launched, we can either cooperate to easily find seeds, or put obstacles in the way to laugh with friends and become the leader of the game. Quite nice thing, online, we can leave signs to help other participants; like bringing a comrade back to life so they can come back into play. In other words, with a group of friends, this little odyssey is fun. Bars of laughter ahead!

Super Mario Bros Wonder essential test image

How not to fall in love with Super Mario Bros. Wonder ? Nintendo was able to renew his recipe by adding new ingredients, and it must be said that the result is more than satisfactory, brilliant and astonishing. We thought the business was stagnating with Mario in 2D, but she manages to surprise us once again. Action, rhythm, universe, in its category (namely platform games), it is clearly a must-have not to be missed on Switch. A perfect title for adults and children.

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  • Super cute
  • Excellent handling
  • The idea of ​​Badges, well taken!
  • The new powers, delusional
  • Playing with others is a good laugh
  • Replayability, the desire to return

The lessers

  • Some will find the game too short, and yet…
  • Some Badges not necessarily useful

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