The 5 August animes not to be missed: Classroom of the Elite, Made in Abyss…

This month, we’re talking about elite school, abyssal chasm, love triangle, girlfriend for hire and MMORPG game in our anime recommendations to discover on your specialized platforms.


Kiyotaka Ayanokôji integrates the prestigious high level school of Tokyo where, once the diploma in pocket, almost 100% of the pupils find a job or are received at the university.

Bad luck, he finds himself in the 2nd D where all the problem students end up! But after a month, Kiyotaka and his classmates discover behind the scenes and the terrible system on which the functioning of this school is based…

The lovers of the first season no longer believed in it. And yet, five years after its broadcast, Classroom of the Elite is finally renewed for two more seasons. A battle won for this unpretentious and yet devilishly effective little anime.

Armed with a main character so intelligent that he could confront Light Yagami or Lelouch Lamperouge, the series gives us psychological battles, money trafficking and manipulation within a prestigious school where being the best allows you to get away with it. go out.

Picked up where its last episode left off, Classroom of the Elite makes a comeback as if this long break had never existed. Embark on a new test that promises to turn your brain, alongside these students as mysterious as they are singular.

MADE IN ABYSS (Crunchyroll, Wakanim)

A fascinating and dangerous place. Riko, a young orphan, grew up in a small town on the edge of the abyss while dreaming of becoming an explorer, like her mother.

One day, as she explores the first level of the Abyss, she encounters a strange robot that looks just like a human being.

Like the recent and acclaimed Ranking of Kings, don’t be fooled by the childish faces of its characters and the seemingly wonderful universe of Made In Abyss. This nugget anime is indeed aimed at an adult and psychologically repaired audience.

Indeed, this descent into the depths of this endless abyss is punctuated by horrifying encounters and rather violent scenes, even downright gore, all in an oppressive atmosphere. However, the thoughtful and effective writing of his story also offers us light, funny and even moving moments.

And after having extended the adventure during a feature film called, The Dawn of the Soul from the Depths, Rikko and his small group of companions are finally back in a season 2, all ready to face a new stage. of their worrying journey. From now on, going back is no longer possible.

ENGAGE KISS (Crunchyroll)

Engage Kiss transports us to Bayron City, a Mega-Float city located in the Pacific Ocean, which does not belong to any particular nation. Thanks to its Orgonium mine, a new energy resource, it has become the center of interest of the whole world. However, there are reports of appearances of demons called “D Hazards” which only a handful of people know about.

Shu, a young man living in Bayron City, runs a small private military company in charge of these creatures. But he is always short of money. In his entourage, high school student Kisara supports him by helping him with his daily tasks and his ex-girlfriend, Ayano, works for a large competing company.

Ayano turns out to be a demon while Kisara made a contract with Shu. How will relations within this trio evolve with the events that are being prepared?

A romantic comedy with a love triangle and demons? This can only make curious! Especially when you see the trailer and the sumptuous animation of these first images.


Kazuya Kinoshita is a 20-year-old student who failed in his studies. He did, however, manage to kiss his girlfriend once, but she dumped him after a month!

He then goes in search of a new girlfriend using a special application to rent a girlfriend. This is how he meets Chizuru Mizuhara whom he finds quite to his liking. But the sequel doesn’t go as planned and Kazuya gets into a rather awkward situation…

A quirky pitch straight out of the imagination of mangaka Miyajima Reiji, Rent-A-Girlfriend could only be a success for this author and designer specializing in romance. With your three million copies sold in Japan, animation studios quickly took an interest in this amazing story of a girlfriend for rent. .

Only two years after its first publication, TMS Entertainment (Fruits Basket 2019, Dr Stone, etc.) acquired the rights to an animated adaptation and the first season was a great success with lovers of romantic comedies. Full of humor and good feelings, the story oscillates between misunderstandings and misunderstandings, all in a colorful and dynamic atmosphere.

What more could you ask for to get a season 2? You can now find Kinoshita and his love troubles in a new burst of new episodes broadcast every Friday. What a good way to start the weekend!


2138. “Yggdrasil”, the most famous MMORPG in the world is about to close. Momonga, a young geek, is patiently waiting for the game to stop.

However, after the closing time, Momonga does not log off and finds that the non-playable characters are gradually finding themselves endowed with a conscience… A new world is about to appear.

Adapted from the light novel by Maruyama Kugane, Overlord seems to have established itself as a staple of the isekai genre. With its three seasons, each as qualitative as the other and its flawless animation by Madhouse, the anime has, unsurprisingly, been renewed.

Momonga therefore returns for ever more action and adventure, in this original world where anything can happen. He remains accompanied by a whole range of charismatic characters that we take pleasure in following seven years after the broadcast of the first episodes.

The recipe for success promises to work again: catchy OST, fluid animation, story that rises crescendo… even those reluctant to the isekai genre will certainly find their account. In any case, it’s the right time to start the series and thus chain everything!


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