The amphibious Cybertruck? He rolls in the water on video

Just a few days before its release, Tesla’s Cybertruck was filmed driving in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico on the coast of Texas. Elon Musk has claimed that the vehicle can float.

Credits: Tesla

The Cybertruck of You’re here, it’s a bit like a future high-end smartphone. We already know almost everything about its design and its characteristics even though it has not yet been released. Its official delivery must take place on November 30, when the millions of customers who have pre-ordered the vehicle will be able to pick it up. Perhaps less than that, many preferred to cancel for fear of a price increase. Still, there isn’t really any suspense. We are now familiar with its exterior appearance, and more recently with the interior of the electric pickup.

What may surprise you, however, are the short videos taken on the spot by passers-by lucky enough to cross paths with the Cybertruck during its tests in real situations. This is how social networks were ignited by the matte black color of the vehicle during an outing on the beaches of Malibu. We are rather used to gray, black being normally reserved for the model dedicated to American police forces. If the Cybertruck is in the news today, it’s again for a getaway by the water, or rather in the water.

Cybertruck gets wet while driving through sea water

On the community social network Reddit, user ilyasgnnndmr filmed the Tesla pickup in a short 50-second video. We see it on the sand of a beach in Port Aransas, Texas, on the Gulf of Mexico. He advances towards the ocean then rolls in water for about twenty seconds before going out. Apart from some algae clinging to the bottom of the vehicle, everything looks normal.

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Elon Musk has already said that the Cybertruck is not afraid of water, saying that it is “waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat, so it will be able to cross rivers, lakes and even seas that are not too agitated”. The billionaire’s goal would be to reach South Padre Island from SpaceX Starbasewhich requires at least cross a canal over a distance of 360 meters. Precisely, the place where the video was filmed is not very far from the island in question. A test before the actual crossing?

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