The Bachelor: lies, jealousy and "a disaster Bachelor"

For Niko Griesert it gets emotional in the third episode of "The Bachelor". Lies and jealousy make him a "disaster bachelor".

The phase of getting to know each other is over, for Niko Griesert (30) it is now about, "With whom does it fit, for whom do you develop sympathy, where are feelings involved?" In the third episode of "The Bachelor" (February 3, 8:15 pm, RTL and TVNow), the bachelor becomes more and more aware of the emotional "minefield" on which he moves. He wants to find his dream woman on the show and not play with the feelings of women, but how does that go together?

Cuddle, chain and the first kiss

On Rügen, latecomer Denise (24) only takes to the air for a single date. The stewardess and the Bachelor explore Germany's largest island in a propeller plane from above, including holding hands. We continue with the classic car to the beach. When it gets dark, the date becomes even more intimate. They bathe together in the pool in front of a fantastic backdrop. He speaks of "attraction is more than affection". You cuddle. In addition, fireworks light up the night sky. As a reminder of the "nice day, our date here", he gives her an amber necklace. The first kiss of the season follows …

… and shortly afterwards the inner retreat. "I need a little more for that," he says hesitantly. "It was a short, nice kiss (…) Maybe we should have saved it (…) Maybe there is someone I would have liked to give the first kiss to," he continues. Denise doesn't know anything about any of this.

Back at the villa, Denise is first interviewed by the other women. She tells, but then one asks the question: "Has she or she doesn't?" Denise chooses a lie and denies the kiss.

Group dates on the train and slumber party

Karina (24), Michèle (27), Mimi (26), Esther (22), Laura (21) and Anna (30) should pack their bags and take their pajamas with them, because the Bachelor wants to travel with them too. During the group date the next morning, there is an exclusive ride on the narrow-gauge railway "Rasender Roland" across the island.

Anna has the feeling that he finds her attractive. But the Bachelor feels drawn to Esther, as he says. "Everyone is different, Esther is different," he sums up. "I don't fit in here that much," she knows too. Nevertheless, even her family is behind the participation in the dome show, her father is even looking forward to getting to know the Bachelor at the "Homedate". With her charming answers, Esther is the first to embarrass her Bachelor degree. "It wouldn't have been missing and I would have kissed Esther," he admits.

Marshmallows are grilled and snacked on the evening campfire as "S'Mores". Then he invites you to a slumber party by the fireplace. The women are greeted by him with a small piano concert. Then Mimi is asked for a conversation with a foot massage. He thought of her when he went on a single date with Denise, says Griesert. But she quarrels because she already knows about the amber necklace. She doesn't suspect the kiss yet.

Meanwhile, Denise secretly confesses to Linda in the villa. But because Melissa (27) overheard the conversation, the kiss started making waves the next morning.

Escalation during a surprise visit

When the bachelor's surprise visit the villa, where he actually only wanted to mix drinks and chill out with the women, tensions escalated. It's getting uncomfortable for him. When Mimi tries to confront him, Griesert first asks Denise to come and talk to her to tell her that the kiss was too fast for him. But Mimi doesn't know that and no longer has her jealousy under control. Tears flow.

When the two of them finally speak, Griesert admits: "I had the feeling that I had the gun on my chest", but he also says: "I'm a disaster bachelor" because he doesn't want to hurt anyone.

Third night of the roses

The third night of the roses takes place at the end of a week full of "emotional chaos", as Griesert says. When the last three new women – Kim-Denise (23), Debora (24), Jacqueline B. (32) – join the "big Gatsby" party, the bachelor's degree is overburdened. In a serious conversation, he swears Mimi on a long, emotional journey.

After a busy evening, he hands out his roses. Continue to have the chance to make love with Niko Griesert: Kim-Denise, Kim Virginia, Debora, Esther, Denise, Jacqueline B., Anna, Mimi, Linda, Michèle, Stephie, Hannah, Jacqueline S. and Karina – Laura is with Doctor and therefore outside. Out are Nora, Melissa and Nina.