The beauty evolution of Bilal Hassani

Season 11 of Dance With The Stars arrives Friday, September 17 on TF1. Among the list of candidates, we find the YouTuber Michou, the American dancer Dita Von Teese and especially the singer Bilal Hassani who will celebrate his birthday next Thursday! For this very special double occasion, we present you our 50 favorite beauty looks of the young French star.

Known for his stint in The Voice Kids in 2016, it was two years later, in 2018, that the ex-youtubeur really began to display his own style and build a strong identity through his look and in particular with his wigs. Stormi, Tweet, Paris or even Gina, all her wigs bear a symbolic name for the young man who celebrates soon to turn 22.

The interpreter of “King” Also shares with us a lot on social networks her sublime beauties of diverse and varied diva. He multiplies styles from short to long, from platinum blonde to dark brown to wearing the brightest colors such as blue, pink or red. Her wigs were a “revelation” and had a “therapeutic” effect. He finally expressed this pronounced taste for fashion, beauty and aesthetics that he kept deep inside him because of the gaze of others, the “haters” (haters in English), as he calls them. Bilal Hassani is also very natural and very simple, without wig or makeup. Always in a sophisticated and chic style, the singer often puts a black line of eyeliner, which has become his trademark, on his almond-shaped eyes to intensify his gaze and create that doe eye effect that we love.

The list goes on / We had a hard time choosing but here are 50 of Bilal Hassani’s most iconic looks.

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