The best Logitech webcam under $50

The right plan

The Logitech C920 HD Pro is one of the most popular webcams for streamers. Accessible and efficient, it equips many beginners and professional players.

Its long-standing success is not usurped because this webcam has everything necessary to seduce streamers. On the menu, we are entitled to a very good image quality, ensured by a capture in Full HD 1080p 30 fps. For gamers who prefer fluidity, it is obviously possible to film in 720p 60i / s, classic for streaming. Obviously, the characteristics on paper are not necessarily the most eloquent. Fortunately, you just have to film yourself with the Logitech C920 HD Pro to be convinced of the qualities of this webcam. The level of detail is high while the camera manages to control the level of noise, even when the light is lacking.

If its base price blithely exceeds the 100 € mark, which is still reasonable, the Logitech C920 HD Pro is currently benefiting from a great promotion at Amazon, which allows it to position itself at only 49.99 €, simply unbeatable value for money.

What alternative?

Despite its long years of unchallenged reign, Logitech has still found a worthy replacement for the valiant C920 HD Pro. The Logitech StreamCam betrays its orientation with its evocative name which is simply intended for streamers. The format and design have been modernized but still contain something to please players. Obviously, the new model is accompanied by an update of the technical sheet. The StreamCam is now capable of filming in Full HD 60 fps so that there is no longer any compromise between quality and fluidity. On the software side, the StreamCam has been boosted with AI to allow face recognition, automatic framing and improve exposure and focus.

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