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Amandine Petit, Miss France 2021, and Sylvie Tellier reminded the 29 candidates for the Miss France 2022 election that retouching and filters on Instagram could be dangerous. This sets a bad example for young audiences and voters may not recognize them on election night.

The 29 candidates for the election of Miss France 2022 are currently on a preparatory trip to Reunion, accompanied in particular by Amandine Petit, Miss France 2021, and Sylvie Tellier. Amandine Petit has indeed preferred to stay alongside the candidates rather than to appear in the Miss World and Miss Universe competition (in which she had already participated). This trip is an opportunity for the candidates to receive advice from the young Normande and to prepare for the big night of the election, on December 11, 2021.

During this week in Reunion, young women were notably entitled to a shooting. And these official photos are not retouched, Sylvie Tellier told us during the Miss France press presentation on November 17, 2021. “We can retouch the lights”, but never faces and bodies, she said. However, some candidates have the habit of retouching their photos on the Instagram social network. You know, with these filters that make your skin smoother, that make your mouth fuller and your eyes bigger… Some Miss use these filters on their Instagram accounts, so some fans didn’t recognize them on their official photos. Many Internet users have even published posts comparing the official photos and Instagram photos of some candidates on Twitter.

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Miss France, “not an Instagram contest”

The Parisian reveals that Amandine Petit warned the 29 young women against filters and retouching: “Ladies, beware, you are in the Miss France contest, not in the Instagram contest! So you forget your applications, because you are in reality. By retouching too much, you risk generating disappointing reactions when you arrive in the adventure Miss France.” While anyone can have complexes, including beauty queens, the example given to young people who watch the contest and follow them on Instagram is bad: it is to say that you can always improve your appearance, quit to be like everyone else and not to be yourself anymore. Imagine what the young audience will think, if even the “most beautiful women in France” use retouching …

More broadly, we asked Sylvie Tellier about the role of Instagram in the election, since some regional Miss already have a strong community on this social network. The director of the committee indicated that “people who vote are not on Instagram”, even if the platform remains “a display case”. “There are plenty of French people who are not on Instagram (…), we must not neglect them and think of everyone.”

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