the cannes festival palace becomes a refuge

Covid-19 obliges, designer dresses, sparkling jewelry and paparazzi are in the closet. The Palais du Festival de Cannes will not be hosting movie stars in May. But to help in times of crisis, the city decided to transform this legendary place into a refuge for the homeless.

Time stands still everywhere in France and the city of Cannes is no exception to the rule. Faced with the coronavirus epidemic, stars around the world will not climb the steps of Palace of Festivals. The latter will thus remain asleep. Not so fast. The city of Cannes has indeed decided to transform the building, dreamed of by many starlets, into a refuge for the homeless.

"It is a symbol of solidarity. It can be exercised in a place which is usually reserved for congresses, artistic events. Well, currently the priority is the confinement and confinement of the most vulnerable ", said Dominique Aude-Lasset, Deputy Director General of the City of Cannes.

Day and night, up to 80 homeless people can be accommodated. A rapid baggage check is implemented before it can be safely accommodated. Beds lined up in the middle of the great room were provided by the Civil Protection. And drinks and cookies are always available. A television screen, games and books offer a little distraction to the homeless, the first affected by this health crisis. Tables for a maximum of two people are set up so that everyone can eat meals within the safety distances dictated by the government. An outdoor area, not far from the sea with recently planted planters, allows you to get some fresh air.

To limit the risk of a possible contagion, the members of the CCAS (Center Communal d'Action Sociale), the Samu social and the Civil Protection are masked. And they regularly take the temperature of the homeless. A consultation room has been set up so that a doctor can receive them. Hygiene is essential with disinfection of the premises twice a day, regular cleaning of showers, toilets placed outside in a prefab, as well as boxes for dogs.

As a reminder, 50 million euros have already been released by the Ministry of the City and Housing to shelter all homeless people.

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Video by Clemence chevallet

by Celine Peschard