the couple is “going through a not easy time”

Juju Fitcats shares her fears about the relationship she has formed for six years with Tibo InShape, revealing in full transparency that the two have been going through a crisis since she hosted the television show France Has an Incredible Talent That keep on going.

Juju Fitcats has seen her television career take off since winning season 2 of the show Traitors, broadcast last summer. The famous Youtuber with 3 million subscribers was chosen by M6 to animate France has incredible talent and it continues currently broadcast every Tuesday evening following France has an unbelievable talent, itself presented by Karine Le Marchand and with the participation of Hélène Segara, Marianne James and Éric Antoine. Needless to say, the influencer carries a lot of weight on her shoulders! She is fully aware of this and has also expressed herself on this subject to Faustine Bollaert in his show Safe Zone on Sunday, November 26.

At least, Juju Fitcats explained that her relationship was faced with a crisis since she took the reins of France has incredible talent and it continues this fall, a show which offers a chance to go behind the scenes of the 18th season of entertainment and get to know better the talents who come to try their luck. She indeed mentioned her companion, the YouTuber Tibo InShapewhich would have “fears and fears” that it does not escape him…

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Juju Fitcats and Tibo InShape got engaged

For Juju Fitcats, “it is not easy”. She must find the fair balance between married life and professional advancement. “Since the arrival of television, we are going through a period that is not easy at all. It’s not even that we don’t see each other enough, it’s just that I think he has fears and fears of losing me, of me being drawn into a universe that he doesn’t control.”, she kindly communicated to Faustine Bollaert. The host of M6 completely understands that it evolves in “a universe” on which Tibo InShape “has no control”. “He can’t control what’s going to happen and it’s really hard because I, I thrive in theres”she added, without dropping the term jealousy.

However, Juju Fitcats remains attentive to her companion and is worried about her “to hurt him and harm him without meaning to”. Full of confidence, she did not question her engagement announced last year. The couple was formed in 2017 during a Miss InShape election that the king of bodybuilding himself had organized, he is currently preparing his wedding.


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