The crisis halts French Tech fundraising

The plunge in the Nasdaq leads to a fall in the valuations of French start-ups in search of new money.

“Return to normal”, “mini-crash”, “paradigm shift”… Whatever the chosen vocabulary, the observation is the same. The days of record fundraising, with stratospheric company values ​​relative to their revenues, are behind us. A veritable tsunami is shaking technology companies. The ground swell has started on Wall Street and is affecting the entire ecosystem.

The first consequences are beginning to be felt in France. After a fanfare start to the year, with 5.1 billion euros raised by French start-ups during the first quarter, the situation has suddenly become tense. Especially since these figures are misleading. Several companies, such as Ankorstore, Payfit, Qonto or Exotec, had completed their operation in 2021, but waited until January to announce it, wanting to be “the first French unicorn of the year”Where “the twenty-fifth tricolor unicorn”. This time lag is also used by companies to start…

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