The favorite brand of the French women

Chanel, Chloé, Sandro, Lacoste – all French fashion brands that are super popular. But: Secretly, the French fly to a fashion brand that doesn't come from France, but from the USA. Well, do you guess which one it is?

The French Girls' favorite brand is …

Okay, we're not going to torture you any further. It is Nike. You are probably as astonished as we are now, because when it comes to the French, we don’t actually think of a sporty, casual look first. Rather the opposite. The fashion search engine Lyst published an analysis of 50 million search queries from 47 countries – and that's exactly what it came out of. So the French are secret sports fashion lovers. The Germans, on the other hand, search most frequently for Balenciaga, the Poles for the Off-White brand and Gucci is very popular in the UK. Whether the parts will be bought is another question, of course.

Of course we want to know immediately which trend pieces should end up in the wardrobe of our French fashion models. And the first three places clearly show us that the French are into sneakers. Because they are the most frequently searched for by far. Logically, we don't get very far without sneakers now. They fit every look and every occasion. And how do the French girls style their sneakers?

This is how the French style works

Actually, we can combine sneakers with almost anything. The French wear them above all to very feminine looks in order to create the perfect break in style. For example, you can wear them perfectly with an ensemble – they are very popular this autumn anyway! The sporty shoes also go perfectly with a midi skirt or dress. Also popular: in combination with leather pants and oversized sweaters. We love it!

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